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Mississippi College

Letter to Birmingham Southern College Students


Dear Birmingham Southern College students and families:

There are few moments in life that truly shape you; this is one of those moments. I pray you will have courage and resilience as you face this challenge. 

Similar institutions whose primary purpose is to serve students feel the weight of your circumstances, and we want to help. Thus, on behalf of the Mississippi College (MC) family, I invite you to consider MC, and I encourage you to visit our campus in Clinton, Mississippi. 

In addition to strong academic programs, MC offers many of the same opportunities and advantages you have enjoyed at Birmingham Southern College: a small, family-like atmosphere and a faith-based college experience. To assist you in this transition, I am pleased to offer you our best out-of-state undergraduate transfer scholarship ($13,500 per year) for the remainder of your college journey.  We also offer several program-specific scholarship opportunities, and we recently added the Thrive Scholarship program for select graduate programs. I encourage you to visit our website ( to learn more about the Choctaw Family. 

Please contact me directly if I can answer any questions.  You may reach out to me at or call me directly at 601-925-3211. You may also reach our Dean of Admissions, Dr. Michael Wright, at or 601-925-7713. 

Have Courage,
Dr. Blake Thompson