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Albert Smathers

Hello, my name is Albert Smathers. I am an Artist/Educator at Mississippi College.

My career as an artist has taken several paths. Initially for approx. 15 years I worked as a professional artist in which my art work was dealt through 5 galleries throughout the Southeast. These galleries afforded me exposure both regionally and internationally. As of late my time has been divided between the art of helping other artists develop their skills to still producing artwork for market and personal enjoyment. This is year eleven for me as a full time art professor at Mississippi College. I hope and pray that each year my skills as a painter and abilities as a teacher will continue to grow.

Special note, I believe working towards and having regular exhibits helps keep my artistic skills honed which inturn makesfor abetter art educator. Currently I'm working on a solo exhibit scheduled for November 2014 titled Southeast to Northwest and Between. In this show I hope to have subjects inspired from recent trips to Haiti and the State of Maine. Also to be included are landscapes and other ideas closer to home.

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Class Schedule

Spring 2014

  • Art 211A - Acrylic PNT. NF
    MW, 8-10:30, Aven 418
  • Art 212A - Oil PNT NF
    Tu/Thurs., 12-2:30, Aven 418
  • Art - 6514z Fig. oils and acrylics
    Tu nights, 6-9:30, Aven 418
  • Art 399 - The Business of Art
    Tu/Thurs, 9:25-10:40, Aven 216



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