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This article addresses the error There is an existing account associated with when trying to add an MC email address to your account or joining the Mississippi College network.

DISCLAIMER: Facebook is completely separate from Mississippi College. This article has been written because of a lack of clarity from Facebook.

  1. Go to and click here at the end of the paragraph.
  2. Fill out the form using your First and Last name, your Birthdate, your MC email address and Mississippi College for the Networks you are in.
  3. Facebook will then send a confirmation email to your MC email address requesting you to reply with a blank email to verify you own the email address. (It could take a day for the email to arrive)
  4. Facebook will then reply with another email confirming that there is a Facebook account associated with your MC email address as well as asking you to reply back if you continue to experience an issue. Reply back to the email with this text: Mississippi College has issued me this email address and I would like to join Mississippi College's network. Currently, it is associated with another Facebook user. Please correct this ASAP.
  5. Finally, Facebook should reply by email saying that the issue is resolved and You may now use this email address to sign up or add to your existing Facebook account. (It could take up to a week for the final email)