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Formatting, fonts, and colors

You can customize MCmail messages with rich formatting, add color to your greetings, underline key points, or make your words bold. Here's how to enhance your messages:

  1. Click Compose Mail at the top of any Gmail page.
  2. Click the icon for the formatting feature you'd like to use in the formatting toolbar above the compose window. If you don't see any icons, click Rich formatting » to display all formatting options.
  3. Type your message! (Please note that Gmail doesn't recognize HTML tags inserted in the body of a message.)

If you decide you'd like to write a message in plain text format, just click « Plain text along the top of the compose window.

Gmail's Formatting Options
Italics Italics - italicize all or some of your message
Underline Underline - underline all or some of your message
Font Font - select a special font
Font Size Font Size - change the font size of all or some text
Font Color Font Color - change the color of all or some text
Background Color Highlight Color - highlight the text of a message
Remove Formatting Remove Formatting - remove formatting from selected text
Hyperlink Text Hyperlink Text - hyperlink the selected text
Numbered List Numbered List - create a numbered list in your message
Bulleted List Bulleted List - create a bulleted list in your message
Indent Less Indent Less - move text closer to the left of the page
Indent More Indent More - indent text further to the right of the page
Quote Text Quote Text - format a block of text as a quote
Left Align Left Align - align text along the left side of the page
Center Align Center Align - align text in the center of the page
Right Align Right Align - align text along the right side of the page
Right Align Right to left* - changes the directionality of text composing
Right Align Left to right* - changes the directionality of text composing

Rich formatting is not available in MCmail's basic HTML view or in your signature settings. At this time there is no way to save customized formatting options as a default Gmail setting.