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The following is a list of all network drives used across campus. By default all users have access to the F, G, H, and M drives. Depending on your department's access requirements, you may be assigned additional network drives.
AFloppy Drive
BFloppy Drive (rarely used)
CYour Local Hard Drive
DUsed for your CD or DVD drive (unless you have a second hard drive)
ESecondary CD or DVD drive
FMC Supported Software and Drivers
GYour personal network drive (Files are automatically backed up nightly)
HDepartment-wide access (Everyone in your department has access to this drive.)
I-KUsed for special network drive mappings.
LThis drive is used for Banner. Users SHOULD NOT open or alter any files in this drive.
MCampus-wide access (Everyone on campus has Read access to this drive.)
N-VUsed for special network drive mappings.
WPersonal web directory (All files in this drive are accessible to anyone in the world on your personal website.)
X-ZUsed for special network drive mappings.