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  1. Go to course and select "Assignment" in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click "+Assignment"
    1. Name your assignment (adding a description is optional)
  3. Proceed with settings (points, assignment group, grade display)
    1. For submission type, choose "No Submission"
    2. Because you are creating an assignment for grade tracking, you do not have to set dates in the assign area.
  4. Click "Save and Publish".
  5. To add student grades, click on "Speedgrader" (a new window will open)
  6. Key in student grades (when you are finished, close the window)
  7. Click on "Grades" in the Navigation Panel to review grades that were keyed in. (If your students have their notifications turned on, they will see that you have submitted grades for them).

If you need further assistance with this process, please contact either Dr. Erica Battle (ext. 7878 or or Becki Stringer (ext. 3494 or and schedule a one-on-one session.