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Education Website Credits MC for Offering Finest Christian Bachelor’s Degree Program in Mississippi

MC offers students pursuing a B.A. in Christian Studies
MC offers students pursuing a B.A. in Christian Studies "outstanding opportunities to serve the campus community," according to ChristianMinistryEDU.

An independent Christian school-sponsored website owned by a global leader in publishing, education, and research, has listed the B.A. in Christian Studies at Mississippi College as a 2022: Editor’s Pick for Best Online and Campus-based Christian Bachelor’s Degrees in America.

MC is the only institution in the state to receive the honor from ChristianMinistryEDU.

Operated by Wiley, a multinational publishing company that focuses on academic publishing and instructional materials, ChristianMinistryEDU provides information and resources to help students of faith pursue careers in the ministry.

Dr. Burn Page, professor and chair of the Department of Christian Studies at MC, said the achievement provides valuable information about MC for students who are seeking to serve the Lord through various avenues of ministry.

“This award puts MC in a unique position to attract students seeking a Christian Studies degree,” Page said. “It stipulates the various ways a student can ‘specialize’ in the concentration of their choosing, such as Bible, Ministry Studies, or Missions.

“For any student seeking a liberal arts education in a Christian environment, the award notes that MC offers ‘outstanding opportunities to serve the campus community through the Office of Christian Life – community service, campus ministry, church relations, and more.’”

ChristianMinistryEDU examined hundreds of Christian colleges and dozens of degrees per school to compile its superlative listing of Christian bachelor’s degrees. Only Christian institutions accredited by agencies recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education were considered.

The Department of Christian Studies at MC scored well in each of the categories ChristianMinistryEDU valued:

* Enthusiastic faculty with high academic skills in their respective fields and strong publication and research histories, who are willing to mentor students through the hardest parts of the program.

* Consistently high marks by third-party organizations, such as U.S. News and World Report, that monitor academic quality.

* High graduation and retention rates, high percentages of students employed soon after graduation, and strong rates of acceptance into graduate programs.

* Flexible online, on-campus, and hybrid programs of study that deliver a high-quality education to traditional and non-traditional students alike.

* A bachelor’s program that offers a large number of electives, so students can tailor their training to their specific calling.

* Strong mentorship and counseling programs to help students make good choices about their careers, and a robust campus community of faith, with plenty of fellowship opportunities, to help them develop spiritually and personally.

According to ChristianMinistryEDU, “Mississippi College’s B.A. in Christian Studies offers a flexible course of study that includes your choice of concentrations for a truly personalized program. Missions, ministries, study at the graduate level – whatever you’re preparing for, the B.A. in Christian Studies will get you where you want to be.”

The site noted that students at MC spend plenty of time outside the classroom, traveling on mission trips, volunteering for charities, lending their time and talents to local churches, and working at Christian camps and retreats.

“You’ll feel good being part of a University that’s long been known for its academic excellence and commitment to the cause of Christ.”

ChristianMinistryEDU also credited the program for its affordability and financial aid opportunities.

“The Department of Christian Studies has more academic scholarships to offer than any other department on campus,” Page said. “In today’s economy, that is an important piece of information prospective students can use when determining which university they will attend.”

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