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Miranda Bell Balances Life as a Mom and MC Law Student

MC Law student Miranda Bell
MC Law student Miranda Bell

Miranda Bell brings time management skills as a busy Mom with her studies as a first-year Mississippi College Law student.

“Honestly, I wing it most days. Being a full-time parent means you have to adjust to the demands of your kids as they come,” the Pearl resident says. “We created a good morning and night routine that allows me to set boundaries to be able to tend to my studies, keep up with housework, and still satisfy their needs.”

The 27-year-old Mississippian with three young kids lives on little sleep. She’s pulled a few “all-nighters” as week two begins at MC Law.

Her husband, Christopher Bell, who serves with the Mississippi Army National Guard’s Engineer Brigade in Vicksburg, supplies valuable help to his wife at home.

A 2017 Alcorn State University English literature graduate, Miranda Bell is committed to law school. Earning a law degree in three years provides new avenues to do what she loves: serving her community.  A mentor to young girls as a tutor, she envisions a plethora of pro-bono legal work ahead.

After helping students as an educator in Adams County schools in Natchez, Miranda felt she could make a bigger difference as an attorney. “I knew changes had to be made at a higher level rather than inside a classroom,” the Illinois native said.

Part of a university committed to academic excellence and a commitment to the cause of Christ, MC Law is the perfect fit.

“As a Christian, it was easy for me to choose a school that mirrors the same doctrine, educationally, as I do a home – a no-brainer, really.”

The first-year student discovered MC Law is a close-knit family of classmates, professors and staff. “MC Law cares about you as a person and that is something that is particularly special to me. To be able to learn the law in a community of people who actually care means everything!”

Raised in Champaign-Urbana, Miranda Bell is the daughter of healthcare professionals in Illinois. Her father, Mark Mammen, works as a director in industrial rehabilitation. Her mother, Nikki Cam, is a former registered nurse. Badly injured in a car accident, she gave up her nursing career.

Healthcare is something people think of daily in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are more than 5.72 million COVID-19 cases in the USA. Schools are adjusting as a result.

“I think the biggest struggle is making sure our daughter is adapting well to virtual learning. All parents with school-age children are experiencing this right now.”

Wearing masks, social distancing and frequent temperature checks are part of the landscape on the downtown Jackson campus. From professors to staff, there is, she said, “strength in community here because we are all working together to get through these unprecedented times.”

The Pearl couple’s kids make their lives more interesting. Ace, nine months, is learning to walk and loves to dance. Jaxon, 3, is fascinated by construction vehicles. Their 13-year-old stepdaughter, Jade, is focused on the fashion world and enjoys shopping trips.

Miranda Bell is part of an exceptional class of first-year law students.

Dean Patricia Bennett salutes all 152 outstanding members of the Class of 2023. The group is the largest class of new MC Law students in six years.

There are 74 Mississippi students and 78 classmates from outside the state. There is one international student from Ghana. The newcomers are residents of 16 states, primarily the Southeast as well as four from California. Forty-seven percent of the new students are women. Minority enrollment stands at 20 percent.

Jay Armstrong, director of admissions, is always thrilled to welcome new MC Law students. “The best part of my job is helping people to achieve their dreams, so seeing a new class each year is a lot of fun.”