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Physician Assistant Andrew Porter Joins Mississippi College Faculty

Dr. Andrew Porter is a new professor in Mississippi College's physician assistant program.
Dr. Andrew Porter is a new professor in Mississippi College's physician assistant program.

Andrew Porter loves hanging out at home with his wife, Lyn, and their baby, Camp.

When he’s not tending to family duties at home in Clinton, the physician assistant stays passionate about his new teaching duties at Mississippi College.

For all MC faculty members, students and staff, they face challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Christian university’s focus for the year is “Strong & Courageous,” inspired by the Book of Joshua.

With that biblical message close to his heart, Dr. Porter is following all health protocols to mitigate the potential spread of the coronavirus. He’s fired up to be a PA instructor at his alma mater this summer.

“I think the biggest challenge as a new faculty member during the pandemic is connecting with students,” Dr. Porter says. “It is more important now more than ever to make sure we are here for them.”

Even when not always meeting in person with students, Dr. Porter lets them know he’s always available. When away from classrooms, students stay in touch with professors via computer meetings, phone calls, emails or other forms of communication.

Mississippi College leaders are doing everything they can to ensure the best learning environment possible given the global health emergency.

“I cannot say how proud I am of all the faculty and students at the PA program coming together to continue to succeed as a Department.”

Dr. Steve Martin, the PA program’s director, sets the tone with his hard work year-round. Dr. Martin joins School of Nursing Dean Dr. Kimberly Sharp as co-chairs of the university’s Medical Crisis Response Task Force. Dr. Martin is elated to welcome Dr. Porter aboard to join the Christian university’s stellar PA team.

After graduating from MC’s physician assistant program, Dr. Porter went on to obtain a doctorate of medical services degree at the University of Lynchburg in Lynchburg, Virginia. Andrew also received a post-doctoral certificate in hospital administration and management. In addition to academics, he continues to practice emergency medicine.

At MC’s program headquartered at the Baptist Healthplex, Porter also serves as the associate preclinical director.

Launched as Mississippi’s first physician assistant program, the MC initiative enrolls more than 90 graduate students. This year, there are a record of 36 students in the new cohort group or the Class of 2022.

It takes 30 months for students to earn degrees to become physician assistants and work under the supervision of physicians. MC’s program is nationally accredited.

For nearly a decade, MC’s physician program produced top-notch professionals to serve patients in a variety of medical settings.

Returning to Clinton, Mississippi as a professor in MC’s PA program, Dr. Porter said, “was like coming home. We feel that this is a great location to raise a family with Mississippi College being the cornerstone of the community. My main motivation in life is to be a Godly father and husband.”

Teaching at MC is an opportunity of a lifetime. “I cannot think of a place I would rather be working. Every faculty member here puts students first. They are why we come to work every day.”

Medical professionals like Andrew Porter see their service as a privilege as they help patients during times of utmost need. “Every time I work in the emergency department, I realize the enormous responsibility that I have been given to provide care for a community,” the Mississippian says.

His wife, Lyn, is a Hattiesburg native and graduate of William Carey University with a bachelor’s degree in biology. Lyn Porter is a Communication Department graduate student at Mississippi College.