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Professor Carrie Reeves Showcases Works at Meridian Community College

Art Professor Carrie Reeves

An award-winning art professor at Mississippi College, Carrie Reeves has produced wonderful sculptures, paintings and other outstanding pieces over the years.

The MC graduate learned from the very best on the Clinton campus: former Art Department Chairman Sam Gore, an icon in artistic circles.

Her beautiful works will be featured at an exhibition through January 29 at Meridian Community College. The school’s Miller Art Gallery is hosting the show that opened in mid-November.

“Through my art I aspire to speak to the viewer concerning the major and minor themes of human experience: joy and sorrow, meekness and anger, peace and fear, light and dark, memory and loss, hope and defeat, life and death,” Reeves says.

“As a Christian artist, I seek to create with this underlying message of hope and beauty,” Reeves added.

Meridian is a 90-minute drive from Jackson. But Mississippi College Art Department Chairman Randy Miley says the trip to Lauderdale County is worth taking to see some of her works on display.

“Carrie is an excellent sculptor and has devoted a great amount of her life expressing herself in clay,” Miley said. “In addition to her technical skills, God has given her the strength and character to communicate His word in her work.”

Reeves stands tall as a figurative sculptor of the clay medium. The Mississippian also creates a variety of two-dimensional media, including watercolor, pastel and oil.

From bronze and terra cotta sculpture foundations to watercolor and pastel works, her sculptures and paintings adorn public and private collections. Their locations stretch across the USA and to other countries.

Raised in Central and South America, Reeves earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in art from Mississippi College with a concentration in sculpture. She received a bachelor’s in theology from Jackson College of Ministries. Carrie took private watercolor lessons as a child in Ecuador.

One of her magnificent sculptures is housed at Madison-Ridgeland Academy. It is a lasting tribute to the late Leigh Anne Ward, an extraordinary MRA educator who exemplified God’s love. The memorial features a fountain, textbooks, school children and an image of the beloved teacher who faithfully served for a dozen years. The Leigh Anne Ward Memorial at MRA was dedicated in May 2013.

Sam Gore vividly remembers teaching Reeves years ago. “She was one of my treasured students.”

The Clintonian is delighted that Reeves remains one of his faculty colleagues and friends at MC’s Aven Fine Arts Building.

Meridian Community College’s Miller Art Gallery is open Monday through Thursday, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Admission is free. For more information, contact MCC art instructor John Marshall at 601-484-8647 or