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How does Army ROTC differ from other college courses?

In Army ROTC, you’ll do things that challenge you both mentally and physically. As you find yourself rappelling from cliffs or leading your team through various obstacles, you’ll develop the skills you can use throughout your entire life and career. Such skills include thinking on your feet, taking charge and making smart decisions.

While gaining exposure to many career opportunities of an Army officer, you’ll also gain confidence, self-discipline and experience - all prerequisites for future success in both civilian and military careers.

Like any elective, it fits into your class schedule.

Army ROTC takes no more of your time than most other college courses as credit toward your college diploma. The traditional four-year program is made up of two years of basic courses and two years of advanced courses.

You can enroll in the Basic Course without making any commitment to the military. The basic courses teach the principles of leadership, fundamental military skills, and introduces you to the ethics of professionalism. Advanced ROTC also includes a paid five-week leadership camp between your junior and senior years.

If you missed the first two years, the two-year program offers the same leadership management training as in the four-year program but at an accelerated pace. You will start with Camp Challenge, a five-week paid summer program which is equivalent to the Basic Course. Then you’ll continue into the Advanced Course during your last two years.

Here's what Army ROTC can do for you.

As a college and ROTC graduate, you’ll be serving as an Army officer, either full time on active duty or part time as you begin your civilian career.

After Army ROTC, problem-solving, team-building, and decision-making will be second nature. Plus, you’ll have the self assurance of knowing you pushed yourself to the limit and beyond. With experience like this, there won’t be anything in your career you can’t handle.