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Department of Social Work

Sociology is the scientific study of human behavior, especially as it is influenced by social groups and culture. A distinctive feature of the program is the integration of theory and research utilizing significant computer applications.

Recognizing the universality of truth, the Department of Sociology and Social Work believes its programs are valuable vehicles for discovering truth. The faculty endeavors to aid students’ exploration of self, the social environment, and the interaction between individual and community through examination of culture, social organization, and human personality. Realization of these goals is attained through a broad liberal arts curriculum, innovative classroom instruction, departmental research projects, and “real world” experiences obtained in internship placements. A global perspective is infused throughout the department’s programs of study. The department assumes and nurtures the dignity of all individuals; is committed to the principles of equality, justice, and freedom; and seeks to stimulate a vital interaction among faith, learning, and lifestyle.

Departmental programs of study are designed to refine the student’s communication and analytic skills by providing learning experiences grounded in theoretical analysis, research, and human relations. A student is equipped with marketable skills for a variety of occupations in human relations, as well as for graduate study in Sociology, Social Work, Law, Business, Ministry, and other professions.

Two major programs are offered to undergraduate students: Sociology and Social Work. The Social Work program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.