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Admission to Mississippi College does not guarantee admission to the Social Work Program.  Minimum requirements for admission to the Social Work Program include the following:

  1. completion of 75% of the core curriculum (36 hours)
  2. a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher
  3. successful completion of SWK 225, Introduction to Social Work;  SWK 331, Generalist Practice I
  4. completed Application to the Social Work Program;
  5. three letters of reference;
  6. resume
  7. admissions conference with social work faculty;
  8. autobiographical statement (see outline)
    1. Family of origin – communication styles and patterns, conflict resolution, interactions as a family, family structure, and any additional pertinent information.
    2. Childhood and young adulthood – experiences during your lifetime that impacted in the formation of who you are today.
    3. Outside Sources – people and issues that influenced your life.
    4. Spirituality – the awareness of your spiritual journey.
    5. Career choices – reasons for choosing or exploring career choices such as social work.

Applications should be turned in to the Social Work Program Director no later than November 1.  Three letters of recommendation are required and should be forwarded by the reference directly to the Social Work Program Director at the address below. See Social Work Program faculty members for further information or clarification.

Credit is not granted in the Social Work Program for life experiences or previous work experience.