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Majors & Degrees


As an art major at MC, you’ll develop a strong set of applied skills in fine art, visual communication and design, while enjoying creative exploration in an inspirational environment that puts Christian ethics and ideals first.

The goal of the MC Department of Art is to help students achieve personal and professional fulfillment through artistic expression and practice.

At MC, you’ll develop both traditional and contemporary artistic skills, while working with accomplished professors who exemplify Christian character and support you in your growth. 

MC is unique in the field of art education as it is one of two art education programs in the state, making it a compelling choice for future art teachers.  Moreover, MC is the only Baptist university in the world that offers a Master's in Fine Arts.

The curriculum focuses on providing students with creative challenges and ways to solve them, forming a strong foundation for future artistic pursuits. Students develop diligent work habits and embrace the life-long learning process that’s essential to success in the arts. Dedicated faculty provide guidance and instruction, helping every student achieve their highest potential.

B.A., Studio Art

Classes are offered in acrylic and oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics and aesthetics.  Receive professional instruction from faculty with collections all over the world.  This major focuses on the exploration and development of traditional and contemporary skills in visual design and communication.

B.F.A., Studio Art Ceramics

Classes are offered in sculpting, printmaking, drawing, and design. Hands-on experience gives students practical instruction to master ceramics. 

B.F.A, Studio Art Painting

Classes are offered in sculpting, painting, drawing, printmaking, and design. Hands-on experience gives students practical instruction to master the art of painting.  

B.F.A., Studio Art Sculpture

Classes are offered in sculpting, printmaking, drawing, and design. Hands-on experience gives students practical instruction to master sculpting.  

B.A./B.S., Graphic Design

Classes in graphic design, acrylic and oil painting, illustration, web design, communication and portfolio building are required. These hands-on classes teach students to mix art and technology into various forms of visual communication.  Equipped with the latest design software, students will be immersed in creative problem solving in order to build a portfolio that showcases their individual talents and technical abilities.

B.A./B.S., Interior Design

Classes are offered in basic design, interior environments, drawing, graphical programs, history of architecture and interiors, color and lighting, building construction, computer generated drafting and business principles.  The Interior Design program seeks to provide academic and pre-professional preparation for careers in residential and commercial interior design as it relates to aesthetic, technical, and global aspects of design decisions, client relations, and professional conduct. 

B.S.Ed., Art Education

Classes in basic design, drawing, graphic software, art in elementary schools, acrylic painting, oil painting, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics, along with 25 credit hours of teacher education courses are required.  Art Education prepares students for a career as an elementary, middle and/or high school art teacher as well as for careers with other agencies and institutions such as art museums. The program focuses on a comprehensive approach that includes the study of the theory and practice of art education aligned with K-12 state and national standards.


As an Art major, you’ll take courses in topics such as:

  • History of art 
  • Modern art 
  • Architecture and interiors 
  • Design  
  • Studio arts

High-tech tools are a must for the aspiring designer. At MC, you’ll find two Mac Labs for students majoring in Graphic Design — one for underclassmen and one for upperclassmen. The freshman/sophomore design lab is furnished with 20 new Mac computers and the latest Adobe design suite, making creativity easy. Lab Assistants are frequently on hand to offer coaching on homework assignments and help students make the most of the technology available. Plus, in-class demonstrations using Apple Remote software give students practical knowledge on how to approach assignments.


Involvement opportunities for art majors include

  • American Society of Interior Designers
  • Kappa Pi International Honorary Art Fraternity
  • National Art Education Association
  • Senior Exhibit
  • Fall Arts and Crafts Festival