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Earn Your Online Homeland Security Degree

Professionals desiring an anti-terrorism career can obtain a Bachelor’s degree by completing our online homeland security program at Mississippi College. This program is part of the Administration of Justice department and includes a comprehensive basis in justice, along with electives focusing on homeland security issues.

Upon completion of the Bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security program, graduates can work for a variety of state and federal agencies, in positions such as:

  • Law enforcement
  • Security
  • Emergency management
  • Intelligence analysis

Coursework for the Bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security includes:

A. Required: (3 hours)
AJU 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 

B. Choose 6 hours from the following:
PLS/HIS 407-408 American Constitutional Development I and II
AJU 311 Arrest, Search, and Seizure and AJU 301 Criminal Investigation

C. Required: (6 hours)
AJU 441 Introduction to Homeland Security
AJU 442 Introduction to Emergency Management

Choose 15 hours from the following:
AJU 443 Introduction to Physical Security
AJU 444 Legal Aspects of Homeland Security
AJU 445 Domestic Terrorism
AJU 446 International Terrorism
AJU 447 Cyber Terrorism
AJU 448 Grant Writing For Homeland Security
AJU 432 Special Issues: In Homeland Security

Six hours of related field electives. The following courses are recommended but others may be chosen in consultation with the program director:

PSY 423 Abnormal Psychology
COM 301 Non-Verbal Communication

Total: 36 hours

The MC Experience

Mississippi College understands that working adults often juggle multiple responsibilities. Our online homeland security program is geared toward working adults and is designed to accommodate busy work, family and personal schedules.

If you are interested in a Bachelor’s degree in homeland security, contact Mississippi College today.