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Majors & Degrees

Modern Languages

The Department of Modern Languages offers advanced study in French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Latin, as well as opportunities to study classical Greek and Hebrew. Three additional undergraduate majors expand language study: Foreign Language & International Trade, International Studies, and Language, Writing & Linguistics.

The MC Experience

The Department of Modern Languages offers students a doorway into a world beyond their own. Language brings with it the potential to transform communities and lives. Successful students find themselves better able to communicate across cultures and break down traditional barriers, enabling them to make a bigger impact in the business world or serve those in need through international mission work. The Department of Modern Languages also offers study in classical languages, giving students a look into the worlds of ancient Greece and Rome.

How You’ll Learn

Small class sizes offer focused attention from instructors and give each student more opportunities to participate in discussions. Many of our language classes are taught by native and heritage speakers, giving students an advantage when they begin testing out their language skills abroad.

Modern Language students develop their fluency with state-of-the-art digital media in the Anita Gowin Language Learning Center, a language lab dedicated to the acquisition of language, providing a space for individual work or group conversational practice. Students may further hone their language skills with one-on-one tutoring sessions, which are offered in the language lab weekly.

Language students also gain real-world experience through study and internship programs, both abroad and locally. MC’s Edward McMillan Center for Education Abroad (the “Mac Center”) is dedicated to developing global competency in students by providing opportunities abroad for study, internship, and service. Our students have studied at the Johannes Gutenberg Universität in Germany, taught English in France, utilized their language and business skills overseas, interned with the Mississippi Development Authority, and worked with local businesses.

Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages

For students wishing to study multiple languages, this curriculum includes 21 credit hours of a primary language, 15 credit hours of a secondary language and 18 credit hours of an elected minor.

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Students electing to major in Spanish will take a curriculum that includes 36 credit hours of Spanish and 18 credit hours of an elected minor.

Bachelor of Arts in French

Students electing to major in French will study 36 credit hours of French, 18 credit hours of an elected minor, and spend a required term studying abroad.

B.A. in Foreign Language and International Trade

For students aiming to enter the global business arena, this curriculum includes 36 credit hours in a modern language, along with 18 credit hours of business courses.

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

This comprehensive degree will educate the student on the various aspects of foreign cultures.  The curriculum includes 18 credit hours in the same modern language, along with 30 credit hours in international studies.  One semester of study abroad is also required.

Bachelor of Arts in Language, Writing and Linguistics

For students who wish to add linguistics and writing to their study of language, this course of study provides 18 credit hours of a language, 12 credit hours of linguistics and 12 credit hours of English writing.

Language Minors

Language minors are available in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Eighteen hours of university credit in a specific language must be completed with six of the eighteen hours consisting of 300 level or higher courses. Certain language minors have a required study abroad component. An 18 credit hour TESOL minor is also available.

EL/TESOL Certificate Program

The Department of Modern Languages offers an English Learner Certificate Program (EL Certificate) in TESOL at the graduate and undergraduate level. The purpose of this 12-hour certificate program is to develop qualified students who have an interest in teaching English to non-native English speakers. This is an interdisciplinary program with courses in linguistics, teacher training and pedagogy, research, and multicultural understanding. This four-course program also meets the required guidelines for an add-on endorsement by the Mississippi Department of Education for English as a Second Language. 

Study Abroad

Mississippi College offers numerous opportunities for education abroad. The MacMillan Center for Education Abroad (The Mac Center) is the base of operations for these programs. The Mac Center works with students and faculty to provide opportunities for study, internships, and service abroad, during fall, spring, or summer terms. Students can pursue study abroad in many countries around the world. Some of our specific study abroad programs include:

  • Austria, Austrian Studies Program at Salzburg College
  • Costa Rica, USAC at the Universidad National in Heredia
  • France, Institut de Touraine in Tours
  • Germany, Johannes Gutenberg Universität in Mainz
  • South Korea, Sookmyung International Summer School in Seoul
  • Spain, Colegio Delibes in Salamanca
  • United Kingdom, London Semester Program

All students in the Department of Modern Languages are encouraged to spend at least one semester studying abroad. Study abroad offers the opportunity to elevate language skills to a new level, by interacting with native speakers in their own culture. You will also develop the skills and knowledge to read, understand, and communicate effectively in your second language. Meanwhile, courses in business, politics, and history will place language and cultural understanding all within context.

Recent Graduates and Outstanding Alumni

  • Our recent graduates are pursuing additional study at the University of Alabama, the University of Mississippi, and Auburn University.
  • Others are attending graduate school internationally in Germany and China. Some are teaching, helping others learn second languages. 
  • Others are serving Christ through international mission work.
  • Stephanie Coker is a Professor at the University of Mississippi.