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Electrical Engineering

Our curriculum is academically rigorous and designed to provide students with the skills necessary to become successful electrical engineers.

Electrical engineering students take courses in Electric Circuit Theory, Logic Design, Electronics, Microprocessors, Electromagnetic Theory, Signals and Systems, Control Systems, Energy and Power, Senior Design, and the option to take several electrical engineering related electives. 

What does an electrical engineer do?

Electrical engineers are trained to develop strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills are applied to situations that require the distribution of electrical signals from one point to another. These signals can include wireless communication signals that send conversations from one cell phone to another, high voltage signals that transfer energy from power plants to homes and businesses, analog signals that send the output of an electric guitar to an amplifier, or digital logic signals that send data to memory storage elements in computers. Essentially, any task that involves using electricity to deliver power, transfer information, or control the operation of a device or system can require the expertise of an electrical engineer.

Why study electrical engineering?

The ability of engineers to harness the power of electricity has significantly improved our quality of life and technological capabilities and will undoubtedly continue to be a crucial component of our development for the future. As a result, electrical engineering is consistently rated as one of the most in-demand and well-compensated career fields worldwide. On an annual basis in the United States, electrical and electronics engineers often represent the largest number of engineering graduates as well as the largest number of engineers in the workforce. Also in the United States, engineers recently accounted for the majority of the ten highest paying degrees in terms of starting salaries, and electrical engineers were included on that list with median starting salaries of just over $75,000.