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Admission to the Program

  1. Must meet all general requirements for admission to the graduate school of Mississippi College.
  2. Must hold a bachelor’s degree in one of the Healthcare Sciences from an accredited college or university, or hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field with a minimum of one year of experience in the healthcare field.
  3. Must hold an undergraduate GPA of 2.50
  4. Must show credit (C or higher) for Accounting Principles as a prerequisite for HSA 6507 - Healthcare Financial Management or take HSA 6590 Basic Healthcare Financial Management or ACC 201 or ACC 203 in the first semester of enrollment.
  5. Must show proof (C or higher) of an undergraduate American history class or take PLS 201 American National Government in first semester of enrollment as a prerequisite for HSA 6540, HSA 6561, and HSA 6550.