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HSA 6504 - Research-Methods and Procedures

A survey of the basic research methodologies in the social and behavioral sciences with emphasis on critical reading of published research. Students do either a meta-analysis of research literature or develop a research proposal. [Cross-listed as EDU 6504, HED 6504, and SOC 6504]

HSA 6507 - Healthcare Financial Management

Focuses on the conceptual basis and mechanics of financial analysis and decision making as it pertains to the healthcare industry sector.

HSA 6531 - Contemporary Issues in Healthcare

Policies, demands and procedures of government, professional health associations, health institutions, financial organizations and the community, which confront and influence the delivery of healthcare.

HSA 6540 - Organizational Behavior

Examines organizational theory, behavior development and interpersonal relationships in healthcare administration and how these factors influence efficiency, morale, and business practices. 

HSA 6550 - Legal Aspects of Healthcare Administration

Special problems of hospitals with respect to governing boards and medical staff; professional liability of physicians, medical personnel, and hospitals; various bioethical issues; and governmental regulations of the healthcare field.

HSA 6555 - Health Services Administration Seminar

The capstone course. This course is designed to give flexibility to meet the emerging and important needs of the healthcare professional, locally and globally. Seminar topics will rotate annually, and students are expected to present their convocation paper as part of the requirement for graduation during this course.

HSA 6561 - Healthcare Management

Application of management principles to healthcare institutions.

HSA 6570 - Professional Practices in Healthcare

This course is designed to provide emerging professionals with skills to give an advantage over individuals as they move from an entry level to a managerial position in the healthcare setting. 

HSA 6571 - Healthcare Marketing

Introductory survey of marketing concepts as applied to health services organizations. Consumer behavior, market segmentation, target marketing, marketing research, management, and control of marketing mix variables.

HSA 6580 - Ethics in Healthcare Administration

Translates the principles and practice of ethics into usable information for application to the real world of health care administration.

HSA 6587 - Health Services Administration Internship I

In this course, the student spends a period of time [150 clock hours required] in a health services operational setting as an intern in health services under the supervision of administrators of the sponsoring site. Affiliation authorization with sponsoring site and Mississippi College required prior to beginning the internship [see HSA Internship Manual for details].

HSA 6590 - Basic Healthcare Financial Management

Prerequisite(s): Admission into the Health Services Administration program This is a required course for those who have not had Principles of Accounting or a similar course. This course is a graduate-level course and serves as a foundation class for *HSA 6507 Healthcare Finance, which is a required course in the Masters of Health Services Administration degree program.