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Tips for creating podcasts

What is it and how do I do it?

What is podcast?

A podcast is a type of informational broadcast that is saved as an audio or video file (generally in mp3 format) which can be uploaded to a server, and delivered to listeners at their convenience.  They are easy to produce and listen to, which has made them popular. 

In simple terms, making a podcast consists of performing the following steps:

  1. Making a video or audio recording
  2. Editing the recording
  3. Encoding the podcast in an appropriate format
  4. Publishing the podcast to a podcast hosting service, in this case, to your course page at Boise State on iTunes U

More information about podcasting:

Educause: 7 things you should know about Podcasting
VIDEO: "Podcasting in Plain English"

Podcasting (iTunes U)

What is iTunes U?

Part of Apple's iTunes store, iTunes U is a vast learning resource offering free educational content (lectures, language lessons, audiobooks, and more) that users can download straight to their computer, iPad, iPod and iPhone.

iTunes U on your iPad, iPod and iPhone

Open University content can also be downloaded straight to your iPad, iPod and iPhone via the iTunes Store. Details are available from Apple's website: