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Why MC?

That’s a great question to ask. We have some pretty great answers.

Discover Amazing Things at Mississippi College.

A Christian University dedicated to rigorous academic programs and lifting others up in the joyful pursuit of Christ

MC is a private Christian university dedicated to helping you navigate this new journey. We want to empower you to develop academically, build an amazing community of friends, discover new ways to reach your goals, and grow deeper in your faith. We’ve been doing these things for students just like you for nearly 200 years. Here’s just a sampling of the reasons why MC is the place you should start your rise.

The Numbers All Add Up.

From a long history of rigorous academic achievement, to a student-to-faculty ratio allowing for more personal time with faculty, to a diverse community of students from around the world united in the goal of encouraging one another to greatness, you'll find the numbers add up to something you'll want to be a part of.


student to teacher ratio allowing room for thoughtful and focused discussion.


 in scholarships and financial aid, approximately, is awarded each year.


of graduate students identify as domestic students of color or international students.

325 acres make up our campus.

1826 is the year MC was founded, making MC the oldest university in the state.

4,800 students call MC home.

2,441 degree-seeking undergraduates at MC. 

24% of our students are out-of-state, hailing from 31 different states.

31 countries are represented by MC’s international student population.

80+ student clubs and organizations on campus.


of graduate students agree that professors care about students’ success.
( Survey)


majors, minors and concentrations are offered.


of grad students agree professors helped connect them to future opportunities. 
( Survey)

100% of tenure-track faculty hold a Ph.D. or other terminal degree in their field in the MC School of Business.

100% of tenure-track faculty hold a Ph.D. or other terminal degree in their field in the MC department of Communication.

100% of tenure-track faculty hold a Ph.D. or other terminal degree in their field in the MC department of History and Political Science.

18 is the number of Division II sports MC Choctaws competes as a member of the Gulf South Conference.

Hear From Those Who Know Firsthand.

MC Students come from all walks of life, with a wide variety of hopes and dreams. We think one of the best ways to judge the character and quality of MC is to listen to what those students and their parents have to say about the impact the University has had on shaping their lives and reaching those goals.

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Because of my experience at Mississippi College, I can now say that I am living my dream, and I am forever grateful for having had this opportunity.”
— Teri, MS
Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon
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I constantly brag to my coworkers, graduates of some of the top schools in the nation, about the incredible environment in which I was educated. My professors cared about their students’ success, all possessed a Ph.D., and were committed to their faith in Jesus Christ. Because they knew my goals and personality, they recommended the Navy’s Nuclear Program to me…and helped me prepare for and get selected as a Nuclear Power School Instructor. The professors at MC are directly responsible for and continue to encourage my success in academics, my career, and life even after graduating.”
— Crystal, HI
Enlisted Physics Division Director, Naval Nuclear Training Command
Birkie, MS
Mississippi College is a top-notch university. Through its exceptional academic programs, opportunities for clubs and community involvement, expert staff, and nurturing faith-based environment, MC offers any student the ability to thrive and excel.”
— Birkie, MS
Zharia, MS
MC is not just an institution—it is a family. I could not have chosen a better place to walk in my purpose.”
— Zharia, MS
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When I toured and felt the close-knit, intimate environment of the campus I knew I wanted to come here. I knew because I wanted to have relationships with my professors and fellow students and not get lost in the crowd.”
— Corey, AL
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Once we visited campus, we realized that MC is one the few universities planted firmly at the unique intersection of strong academics and faith that is lived out across campus.”
— Jerry, TX
Parent of an MC student
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With advisors and professors helping along the way, I am one year away. This is a great school built on the core belief that all can succeed.”
— Review
Alya, LA
I love MC because it’s my home away from home. MC has allowed me to form a community of people who hold me accountable and cheer me on in life! This school has pushed me to grow in so many different ways, and I’m so proud to go here.”
— Alya, LA
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Even though I had state-specific scholarships that could have made an in-state school cheaper, it was worth giving that up to be at MC.”
— Scarlett, GA
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With advisors and professors helping along the way, I am one year away. This is a great school built on the core belief that all can succeed.”
— Review
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You went the extra mile for Noah. Thank you again for all you did. You continue to make yourself available and I deeply appreciate this.”
— Karmen, NJ
Parent of an MC graduate
Haddon, MS
MC has given me not only the resources, but also the ability and confidence to be successful in any future profession.”
— Haddon, MS
Anthony, MS
Before I received an acceptance letter, I received a phone call from Jay Armstrong and former Dean Patricia Bennett congratulating me…On top of all the bonuses that come with MC Law being located downtown in the City With Soul, the community and atmosphere that surrounds the place is immeasurable.”
— Anthony, MS

Putting Faith and Education into Action.

Discover what people connected to MC Are doing around the world

It’s easy to say, “MC has a big impact in the lives of students and others in the world.” So, we want to share a few ways that MC, its students, faculty, staff, and alumni are succeeding in making a difference. From successful careers to community service, MC encourages putting faith into action. Because we all rise higher together.

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I just want to give back to God a portion of what He has given me. I was taught that when God blesses us beyond our needs, it’s not so that we can live more lavishly. It’s so that we can bless others.”
— La’verne Edney
La’verne Edney

La’verne Edney

Since growing up in a farming family in the Mississippi Delta, La’Verne Edney has worked her way through MC Law School, earned a coveted clerkship with the Mississippi Court of Appeals, and made partner at Brunini, Grantham, Grower & Hughes, PLLC, one of Mississippi’s most prestigious law firms. On September 1, 2009, Edney walked out of Brunini’s marbled halls and away from the high profile, high-paying position she had worked so hard to achieve to work in a small, nondescript office serving as general counsel for the Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project (MVLP), an organization that matches low-income Mississippians in need of civil legal services with lawyers who are willing to handle their cases pro bono.

Serving In The World.

100,000+ hours are spent every year by Mississippi College students, faculty, and staff, demonstrating a spirit of compassion through service.

302 MC students served around the globe on spring break mission trips.

500+ MC students served through summer missions.

5,400+ campers attend faith-building summer camps at MC.

Eddie Kinchen

Eddie Kinchen

As a young man, Eddie Kinchen dreamed of attending college, but knew the cost would put his dream out of his reach. Thanks to his uncle’s guidance and his own hard work, Kinchen was able to attend Mississippi College and graduate with a degree in accounting and launched a successful business career, retiring in 2015 as senior vice president and chief operations officer of Fox Everett, an insurance firm. But his professional success has always taken a backseat to a life of service. Over the years, Kinchen has been shown dozens of opportunities to make a difference, from simple acts of kindness like taking children to church to helping raise the funds needed to establish the Magnolia Speech School for the hearing and language impaired. In addition to these projects, Kinchen helped raise funds for two MC students, fresh from serving on a mission trip, who were preparing to follow God's call to start an orphan care project in Botswana.

Brett and Allison Barnhill

Brett and Allison Barnhill

From January to May of 2009, Allison Hunter, Kasey Ambrose, and Brett Barnhill shared a life-changing adventure on a mission trip with an MC professor in the African bush. After returning home, Allison and Kasey were moved by the thought that more could be done. They spent the next two years praying and planning. As a result, they began the process of starting an orphan care project in Botswana with the fundraising help of Eddie Kinchen.

Eventually, the success of this project led to Allison and Brett, now married, to lead the Reclaimed Project, an organization dedicated to seeing “every community develop and implement a plan that effectively lifts up, strengthens, and inspires every child and every vulnerable member of the community with God’s love and His purpose for their lives.” 

Studying in The World.

17 different countries visited by undergraduate, graduate, and law students as part of MC's study abroad program, where students live, serve, and study while earning college credits.

2,200+local and national employers have job and internship listings accessible to MC students and alumni.

16,000+ hours accrued by MC Law students working in judicial chambers, governmental agency legal offices, and nonprofits across the country.

jack Spears

Jack Spears ‘26

MC Honors College student Jack Thomas Spears is leveraging his love for the Mississippi Delta into a Harvard-backed research project that could help resolve food scarcity for citizens in the region. The MC biology major took part in Mississippi State University’s “Delta Scholars” summer program, allowing him to connect with the community his first-generation immigrant grandparents loved so much. Spears presented a proposal to address food insecurity in the region, which attracted the interest of representatives from Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Now, his project is a part of Harvard’s inaugural Delta Scholars Program in Public Health, which seeks to advance health and well-being in the Mississippi Delta through community engagement, collaborative research, and leadership development. As a Harvard Public Health Fellow, Spears is receiving one-on-one experiential learning in the field and the intellectual qualifications and experiences needed to become a leader in public health. The Institute for Southern Storytelling at Mississippi College is collaborating with Spears to show the human side of the emerging food crisis, filming his interviews with leading experts and residents of the Mississippi Delta. The resulting video will be shown at Harvard this fall and will serve as Spears’ senior honors thesis and may even be turned into a full-length documentary.