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Cyber Security Applies to Everyone

Information Security is vital to keep personal and university data private. You play a role in the Cyber Security landscape by how you handle your account and other secure data. See below for tips and other resources to enhance your cybersecurity.

  1. Do not share passwords or sensitive information with others.
  2. Look for red flags in emails and text messages that the sender is not who they say they are.
  3. Do not open email attachments or link from untrusted sources.
  4. Use longer, complex passwords with your online accounts. 
  5. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on your accounts to protect against unauthorized access.
  6. Back up your devices and files frequently.

Cyber Security Training

Faculty and Staff of Mississippi College are required to participate in annual Cybersecurity training. Access to the training is sent through campus email. This training prepares employees to be aware of online threats and practice good security hygiene.