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In response to the increasing use of personal mobile devices by Mississippi College (MC) employees for business purposes, MC has established this official bring your own device (BYOD) policy. The purpose of this policy is to define the appropriate use and procedures for employees using their own mobile devices on the MC Network.


This policy applies to any user who makes a wireless network connection from their own mobile device to the “” network.

BYOD is a rapidly changing technology and MC reserves the right to modify this policy, including eliminating all support for BYOD, at any time. MC may elect to implement additional requirements or processes to safeguard the University’s network, enforcing separation of MC data from personal data, remotely removing MC data, or requiring additional registration processes.

Risk, Liabilities, Disclaimers

Employees who elect to participate in BYOD accept the following risks, liabilities, and disclaimers:

  • At no time does MC accept liability for the maintenance, backup, or loss of data stored on an employee’s mobile device. It is the responsibility of the individual owner to backup all software and data to other appropriate backup storage systems.
  • The University shall NOT be liable for the loss, theft, or damage of any employee’s mobile devices. This includes, but is not limited to, when the device is being used for MC business, on MC work time, or during business travel.
  • MC provides only limited security for the network and at no time does the University accept liability for the security of an employee’s mobile device.
  • An employee’s mobile device may be subject to the search and review as a result of litigation that involves MC.
  • MC may, without notification, prevent or ban any mobile device which disrupt the MC network or is used in a manner which violates any MC policies.

User Responsibilities

Employees who elect to participate in BYOD must adhere to this policy and all MC policies while using their own mobile device on the MC Network.

Employees who elect to participate in BYOD must:

  • Not store any MC Restricted, Protected, or Confidential data (See Information Security Policy) on any mobile devices.
  • Destroy, remove or return all data, electronic or otherwise belonging to MC, once their relationship with MC ends or once they are no longer the owner or primary user of the mobile device. (E.g. the sale or transfer of the device to another person)
  • Remove or return all software application licenses belonging to MC when the mobile device is no longer used for MC Business.
  • At no time may a mobile device be connected to the secure MC networks ( without prior approval.


Computer Services may, without notification, prevent or ban any mobile devices which disrupts any University Computing Resources or are used in a manner which violates any MC policies. Depending upon the violations, computing privileges may be lost and violators will be subject to the usual judicial procedures of the University.

Approved by the Information Technology Committee, October 13, 2016