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This tutorial is for those that would like to continue to use their question banks in the “New Quizzes” format. As of right now, this is possibly a temporary solution to moving questions banks that were being used in Classic Quizzes.


Step 1: Create A Temporary Quiz 
  1. Select “Quizzes” in the Navigation Panel 
  2. Create a new quiz, by clicking on “+Quiz” 
  3. For this temporary quiz, select “Classic Quizzes”, “Submit” 
  4. Name your quiz (this name can be anything because you will be using this quiz temporarily), click “Save” 
  5. After naming your quiz, click “Questions”, and select “Find Questions” 5. Select the bank you would like to move to New Quizzes 
    1. Scroll to the bottom to check if there is a “more questions” option. If so, click this to expand the remaining questions. 
    2. Next, scroll back to the top and click “Select All”. 
    3. Scroll back to the bottom and click on “Add Questions”. 
  6. Allow questions to load in the quiz. 
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page to “Save” your quiz.
Step 2: Migrate Temporary Quiz To New Quizzes
  1. After saving the temporary quiz, click on “Quizzes” in the Navigation Panel to return to Quizzes home
  2. To the far right of your temporary quiz, click on the three vertical dots, select “Migrate” (depending on the number of questions in your quiz, the migration could take a while)
    1. Once the quiz is migrated, the rocket ship will appear shaded, which represents New Quizzes format
    2. Delete your temporary quiz as this is no longer of use (Note: if you didn’t put all questions in the bank, you may want to keep this bank until you do, but if you are done adding questions to the bank, proceed with deleting)
  3. Open the new quiz, click “Build” (allow a moment for the questions to load)
  4. Select “Item Banks” at the top right of screen
    1. Create a new bank by clicking on “+Bank”
    2. Name your bank, click “Create Bank”
  5. Begin adding questions to your newly created bank.
    1. Click on the to the right of the question
    2. Click on the arrow next to “Item Banking”, select “Add to Bank” 
    3. You will see a message that will say "Banked Item"
    4. Select "Done"
    5. Repeat thede steps until all desired questions havre been moved to the bank
  6. Your question bank has been built for New Quizzes. You can also delete this temporary migratrd quiz.
Step 3: Create Your Quiz in the New Quizzes Format Using Banked Questions (Click on the link below for tutorial)

If you need further assistance with this process, please contact either Dr. Erica Battle (ext. 7878 or or Becki Stringer (ext. 3494 or and schedule a one-on-one session.