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Keep Working

As we work during this evolving COVID-19 response, here are some key strategies and resources to help make the shift to working remotely.

Policies & Procedures

Visit Human Resources for more information about policies and procedures.

1. Know Your Tech & Access Capabilities

Access to technology and a reliable internet connection are just two of the things you need to consider when working remotely. Things to think about: Do you have:

  • Sufficient computer hardware
  • Internet bandwidth
  • Access to all essential programs
  • Necessary server connections
  • A webcam to videoconference
  • A surge protector to protect equipment

2. Know Your Software & Collaboration Tools

Make sure you know how to access your network and necessary systems. We’ve collected information on accessing some key services.

3. Follow These Quick, Easy Security Tips

Continue to employ the security best practices at work. Beware of COVID-19 related phishing attempts. Remain vigilant for security concerns and be sure to report suspicious emails to support@mc.edu.

4. Communicate

Make sure that your team and colleagues know how to contact you. Take a look at technology tools that can help you connect and maintain communication with your coworkers.

5. Update Your Meetings

Look through your calendar and add call-in options. Practice using video calling and screen sharing to maintain team dynamics and continue to collaborate. You can conduct meetings using Zoom or Google Hangouts.

6. Know Your Backups

If you or a family member are sick or unavailable, know to whom you can hand off essential work. Read health and wellness resources for coping with the changing landscape.