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International Festival 2020 Set for Mississippi College

MC's 2019 International Festival
MC's 2019 International Festival

Talents levels are off the charts for Mississippi College’s international students.

Whether they sing, dance, play musical instruments or drive an MC table tennis team ranked No. 2 in North America, international students bring immense skills to the Clinton campus.

MC’s 2020 International Festival will showcase their talents at the Jean Pittman Williams Recital Hall on March 27. Tickets at the door are $5 for students, $10 for faculty & staff and $15 for the public.

The program will feature thrilling performances on stage as well as a delightful fashion show, says Mei-Chi Piletz, director of the Office of Global Education. The two-hour show that Friday begins at 6:30 p.m.

MC students come from about 30 nations around the globe. International students getting an education at Mississippi’s Christian university come from countries including China, India, Japan, Ukraine, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico and Canada.

Last year, New Zealand’s Daniel Martin, president of the International Student Association, and graduate student Dinisha Paul of India served as co-hosts.

There are always some festival surprises from one year to the next.

“This year we will have programs like interesting skits, ballet performances from Ballet Magnificat and Chinese folk dancing,” Piletz said.

Each year, MC audiences get to see talented students who could be featured on TV shows like ABC’s “American Idol’’ or NBC’s “The Voice.”

The MC Office of Global Education sponsors the production every Spring. Refreshments will be served in the Aven Hall lobby after the Friday evening program.

Many people quietly work behind the scenes to make the show a success. They sell tickets, work as backstage managers, move props and much more. Other volunteers run the music and videos or operate the spotlights. Often the performers from around the world come dressed in the attire of their native countries.

Year-round, international students bring their culture to Mississippi College.

Leaders say the show will also be used to promote a fundraiser to benefit international student scholarships in 2020.

For details, contact Mei-Chi Piletz at or 601-925-7635.