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MBS Campus Blood Drive Gives Mississippi College Family Opportunity to Demonstrate Christ’s Love

Katie Bryant, left, said Mississippi Blood Services professionals like Angie Peterson, donor specialist, make giving blood a snap for Mississippi College students.
Katie Bryant, left, said Mississippi Blood Services professionals like Angie Peterson, donor specialist, make giving blood a snap for Mississippi College students.

As a vibrant Mississippi College student in the prime of life, Katie Bryant isn’t burdened by health issues. Unfortunately, several members of her family aren’t as blessed. That’s why she arranges to donate blood every time the donor truck from Mississippi Blood Services sets up on the MC campus.

“If someone needs blood and I can give it, I’m happy to be able to give it to them,” said Bryant, a senior psychology major from Brandon, during last spring’s MBS blood drive at MC. “It doesn’t hurt, it only takes a half-hour of my time, and it feels good to help others who need it.”

MC faculty, staff, and students will have an opportunity to do the same during MBS’ first blood drive of the year from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Wednesday-Thursday, Sept. 6-7, in the donor coach parked in front of the B.C. Rogers Student Center.

Tammy Bouchillon, MBS senior marketing representative, said she is excited for a big turnout from the MC Family.

“Mississippi Blood Services needs 250 donors every day to meet the needs of the hospitals that we supply,” Bouchillon said. “Who needs blood? Approximately 95 percent of the population will receive a blood transfusion at some point in their lives. Accidents, surgeries, chronic illnesses, cancer patients – all need blood transfusions to survive.”

She said Mississippi Blood Services makes it easy for donors to determine their blood type.

“We type every unit of blood and donors can find out their blood type within a couple of days by logging in to the MBS website and creating a donor portal. They’ll also be able to see all of their stats, such as vital signs, hematocrit, and cholesterol.

“Once they know their type, they can learn the best way to maximize their donation. Some types are best for red cells, while others are needed more for plasma or platelets. Our staff will be able to inform them of the best donation type for their blood type.”

Bryant said donating blood on the MBS donor coach is easier than most might think.

“The staff walks you through the whole process,” she said. “They even give you snacks at the end. They make sure you’re OK before you leave the truck.

“Donating blood is healthy for you. It helps get your blood circulating.”

And it just got more rewarding. Upon completion of the donation, MBS will gives a $15 VISA gift card to each blood donor.

To cut down on the wait time, all donors are encouraged to register online before coming to the donor coach. They can speed up the process by filling out a donor questionnaire and completing their medical history questions online on the day of their scheduled donation.

“This will help us be prepared for the number of donors expected,” Bouchillon said.

She said MC students can earn community service hours by donating blood and hosting a blood drive through their campus organizations.

Those who are unable to donate in September will have other opportunities to take part in an MBS blood drive at Mississippi College. The MBS donor coach will return to the Clinton campus for drives Nov. 1-2, Jan. 24-25, and March 27-28, and the Physician Assistant Program will also host a blood drive on Monday, Oct. 9, to kick off Physician Assistant Week.

Whether someone chooses to donate during any or all of these drives, Bouchillon promises that if they “give MBS 30 minutes, they could give someone a lifetime.” As Bryant noted, donating blood is in line with MC’s institutional values.

“Mississippi College is a Christian university,” she said. “As a Christian, I’m called to act like Jesus. Jesus said to give anything that you can because our lives are not our own.

“If God gave me the privilege of being a healthy individual that is able to donate blood – and not everyone has that privilege – then I can do that one thing and give what I have.

“It’s as simple as that – just giving what the Lord have me to give.”

For more information about Mississippi Blood Services, click here.