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Sam Gore Creation Arrives at MC School of Law

April 24, 2009

Moses the Lawgiver better make way for Mississippi College art professor Sam Gore's latest bronze sculpture.

The permanent home for Moses is at the Mississippi School of Law in downtown Jackson, but moving day came Friday for its companion piece.

Nationally celebrated in art circles for decades, Gore recently put the finishing touches on a 3,600-pound work of art that he calls "Christ: The Fulfillment of the Law." It stands a little bit over 12 feet, and will be mounted alongside Moses. A ceremony is planned for May.

From start to finish, it took the 81-year-old artist about eight months to work on it starting with three sheets of plywood at his Clinton home. In recent weeks, the sculpture was housed at the Lugar Foundry near Memphis. The drive was slow as the bronze sculpture was transported Friday to the law school in Mississippi's capital city.

It's not easy moving such a large object on a four-hour drive from Tennessee to Central Mississippi. Gore was confident it would survive the trip in good shape. "I'm sure they've got it wrapped and padded."

His latest magnificent creation depicts Jesus and his disciples on the Mount. There's Greek language on the sculpture. It shows Jesus wearing a crown of thorns.

The MCSOL welcomed Gore's first creation, "Moses the Lawgiver," a powerful 2,700-pound bronze sculpture and mounted it on the side of a building in 2008. It depicts Moses carrying the Ten Commandments written in stone. It stands 12-feet high and 8-feet wide. At the time, it was the largest of Gore's distinguished career that goes back more than a half-century. Gore is a 1951 MC alumnus, who began teaching at his alma mater in Clinton that year.

Gore finalized sketches of "Moses" when he flew aboard an airplane above South Carolina in 2006.

MCSOL dean Jim Rosenblatt said "Moses" is a good fit for the law school. "This work will allow us to reflect on the role that rules play in governing one's conduct today as well as in Moses' time."

He can't wait to see Gore's companion piece put up.

Gore isn't nearly ready to retire. He's got too much on his plate. He's working on a sculpture spotlighting military veterans. It will be displayed at the Clinton Visitors Center off the Natchez Trace in his hometown.

"I've got too much work to do to retire," said the Texas native. "I don't want to unplug my circuits."

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