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Student Involvement Fair Ushers Incoming Freshmen into Organizational Life at Mississippi College

According to Gabby Cobbins, left, and Elizabeth Hammons, the Student Involvement Fair is one of the best ways MC students can learn about student organizations, University offices, and departmental services on campus.
According to Gabby Cobbins, left, and Elizabeth Hammons, the Student Involvement Fair is one of the best ways MC students can learn about student organizations, University offices, and departmental services on campus.

Elizabeth Hammons understands that one of the best ways to combat sexual assault on college campuses is to raise awareness.

As president of Sexual Assault Prevention Ambassadors, a special interest organization at Mississippi College that promotes knowledge of sexual assault and prevention and educates members of the student body about their Title IX rights, Hammons has found an ideal occasion to spread the word about her group’s initiatives: the Student Involvement Fair at MC.

“Our mission is to advocate for sexual assault survivors and bring awareness to campus,” said Hammons, a senior biology medical sciences major from Richland. “At the Involvement Fair, we want to educate the MC community on measures to prevent events like SA and encourage survivors not to be afraid to speak up. We also hand out various flyers we’ve created at the Involvement Fair over the years.

“We like to let students know of the different events we plan every semester on campus.”

When Gabby Cobbins attended her first Student Involvement Fair, she was overwhelmed by the number of organizations that drew her interest.

“Our student leaders encouraged us to attend the fair so we could become involved on campus and make new friends,” Cobbins said. “There was so much I wanted to be involved in all at once. I went to every table and signed up for almost everything I could join.”

The Multicultural Student Association particularly resonated with her. Now the junior pre-occupational therapy major from Byram serves as an event coordinator for the organization and views the Student Involvement Fair as an exceptional resource to expand the MSA.

“The Student Involvement Fair helps our mission because it allows us to connect and represent all the cultures at MC while promoting our University’s values.”

Sponsored by MC’s Office of Student Engagement, the Student Involvement Fair provides an opportunity for members of registered student organizations, University offices, and departments to showcase their services and recruit members from among MC’s expanding class of freshmen students. Participants decorate tables and offer informational handouts and giveaway items to students interested in becoming involved on the Clinton campus.

Jonathan Nutt, assistant dean of students at MC, said the fair, scheduled from 5-7 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 24, along Pedestrian Street, provides an excellent way for student organizations to inform students about their mission and values.

“The Student Involvement Fair is a time for student organizations and campus departments to be in front of students, advertise what they do on campus, and recruit members and participants,” Nutt said. “Students can learn how to connect on campus and make the most of their time at Mississippi College. It is one of the best ways for students – especially new students – to see everything MC offers.

“The Office of Student Engagement highly encourages student organizations to participate in the fair. We also hope students will take the opportunity to come out and learn more about ways to get involved on campus.

Cobbins said the fair provides an opportunity for her organization to demonstrate its values.

“We decided to participate in the Student Involvement Fair because we want to highlight and promote diversity and inclusion here at MC,” she said. “My favorite part of the fair is going around to the different organizations, learning about them, and talking to their members about how they discovered their organization was right for them.

“Every student should attend the Student Involvement Fair because it gives them a look into everything MC offers. No matter their hobby or interest, there is an organization that will fit them.”

Since becoming involved in SAPA, Hammons has volunteered to participate in the Student Involvement Fair for the last two years.

“It’s something that I’ve enjoyed doing to welcome in the new class of students,” she said. “My favorite part is talking with all the people who come by our table. It’s wonderful for the new students to see all of the opportunities that MC provides them.

“The fair is an awesome event to attend, regardless of whether you plan to join an organization. The people you meet might change your mind. Joining even one organization is a great thing to do, and I know the experience can change and mold a person because that’s exactly what happened to me. I’ve never been more thankful for the community I’ve found within SAPA.”

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