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Writing Center Reopens to Serve MC Students

MC Writing Center Director Steve Price
MC Writing Center Director Steve Price

Mississippi College Writing Center tutors and receptionists returned to work in late January to help students build their academic skills.

Once their doors opened for the spring semester on Thursday, January 28, the MC Writing Center staff immediately resumed their mission.

Students offer face to face tutoring at offices in the Leland Speed Library and online meetings. All sessions are in keeping with COVID-19 health protocols on the Clinton campus.

“They worked effectively last fall, so we’re continuing the same practices this spring,” says Lingshan Song, the Writing Center’s assistant director.

Need help writing a lengthy college research paper?  Are tips needed to advance study or thinking skills? The Writing Center team is always ready to assist at offices just a few steps from the Gore Art Gallery.

There are 27 MC student tutors and six receptionists aboard for assistance this spring.

Newcomers to the Writing Center’s staff don’t just walk in the door, turn on their computers and start tutoring.

New tutors receive a semester of preparation by taking a course titled Practicum in Writing Center Tutoring.

Writing Center Director Steve Price says there are 18 new tutors in the latest class. They come from diverse academic disciplines – whether it’s psychology, business, English, history, or pre-med. The new tutors partner with a freshman composition course to strengthen their skills.

Mississippi College students work hard to become equipped to be first-class tutors and encouragers.

“I don’t know of another writing center where the tutors get this much real tutoring experience before starting to work,” says Price, an English professor. “It’s definitely a defining trait of our program.”

The Writing Center staff connects with students and promotes its services on social media - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tutors and staff also get the word out to the MC community on a blog, Song said.

The Writing Center stays open Monday through Friday. Students needing help are encouraged to make appointments in advance.

This semester, MC Writing Center leaders are gearing up to host a virtual statewide conference on Friday, March 12. Typically 12 to 15 Mississippi institutions participate each year. Schools include the University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, Hinds Community College, Millsaps College, and Jackson State University.

For additional information on the MC Writing Center, call 601-925-7289 or contact Steve Price at To make an appointment go to