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Online Assessments

Please note that these are meant as SCREENING tools only. They cannot adequately address the complex variables involved in an accurate diagnosis, and cannot substitute for the confirmation and assistance of a trained professional. Should you take one of these assessments and find that it indicates a potential problem, please make an appointment with a licensed counselor, a psychologist, or a medical doctor. Consider printing out a copy of the assessment, to take with you to your appointment.

Alcohol and Drug Awareness

Alcohol and drug abuse is a serious concern on campuses. While many students think negative effects only come after decades of heavy drinking, alcohol abuse has an impact on their daily lives, their safety, and their futures. Individuals in college are more likely to abuse alcohol than people in the same age group not in college. Approximately twenty-five percent of college students report academic consequences of drinking, and estimates suggest that between fifty and eighty percent of campus violence is alcohol-related - including sexual assaults. 

Student Counseling Services provides assessments, education, counseling as well as referrals, when needed, to assist students with alcohol/ drug concerns. Counseling services are confidential.

Suicidal thoughts can affect anyone regardless of age, gender or background. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people and is often the result of mental health conditions that effect people when they are most vulnerable. Suicidal thoughts and suicide occur too frequently but should not be considered common and can indicate more serious issues. In many cases the individuals, friends and families affected by suicide are left in dark, feeling shame or stigma that prevents talking openly about issues dealing with suicide.


Mental Health Resources