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Student Counseling & Disability Services


Keep in touch with the Student Counseling & Disability Services Office during this time.

MC Student Counseling Services (SCDS):

COVID-19 Response

Commiserate with colleges and universities across the country, MC - Mississippi College has shifted to online instructional formats for the rest of the spring semester.  Limiting person-to-person contact to protect the health and well-being of our students, staff, faculty and employees is our primary focus.  

SCDS - Student Counseling Services has also shifted to a secure HIPAA compliant online counseling format.  We continue to offer convenient, quality counseling services to our remaining on-campus and in-state students.  Our goal is to assure continuity of care for existing clients and make services accessible for new clients seeking care.  

Who we can serve: 

  • MC STUDENTS IN THE STATE OF MS: Any registered MC student still in the state of MS and/or are currently housed on campus.  

Schedule an appointment:   

  • SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: To schedule an appointment, or begin counseling services, email Student Counseling Services at: ( and request an online session or call 601-925-7790. Please let us know if you’re new to SCDS or a returning client.  We will schedule you an appointment and send online forms for you to complete and return to us prior to services being offered. These forms authorize our counseling staff to work with you in secure online counseling sessions.   

Who we cannot serve: 

  • OUT-OF-STATE STUDENTS: If you are currently out-of-state (i.e. not in the state of MS), please seek credible online counseling service providers within the state you’re currently located. SCDS are only authorized to provide online counseling services within the state of Mississippi. If you are an out-of-state student currently living on campus or in the state of MS, you can receive services from SCDS.   

Crisis Counseling:

  • CRISIS COUNSELING:  Crisis services are still available to students at all times. If such services are needed, please call the Office of Public Safety at (601) 925-3204.  

Additional services offered: 

  • LOCATOR SERVICES: For out-of-state students, SCDS staff can assist in locating provider options in your local area.
  •  NOTE:  Telehealth options in your state are frequently offered through your insurance company carrier.

Together, we are strong.  People are often at their best when things are at their worst.  SCDS Counselors stand ready to help you pursue hope and healing in all of life’s circumstances.