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In March 2012, Mississippi College contracted with Cenergistic, Inc. to implement a people-oriented  energy conservation program. While everyone can be an energy saver, Mississippi College hired an energy specialist, Tom Williams, to oversee the implementation of the specific guidelines adopted by the school’s administration.  Since June 1, 2012, Tom has been working with Energy Education consultants, members of the physical plant staff, and the administration to ensure that the proper steps are taken to reduce our energy consumption and our energy costs.

Position Summary

The Energy Specialist (ES) works to establish accountability for energy consumption at every level in the organization. The ES is responsible for developing and monitoring Mississippi College’s energy management program under Policy & Guidelines adopted by the administration, for the purpose of reducing utility consumption.

Basic areas of responsibility include: administration and record keeping, accountability, reporting, program implementation, promoting Mississippi College employee involvement, and validating energy management system compliance to Mississippi College’s energy policy and guidelines.

Essential Functions

  • With the assistance of Cenergistic, Inc., establish a program to promote energy conservation through positive feedback to all levels of the Organization and involve all personnel in taking ownership for success of program.
  • Maintain all energy and water consumption records and data.
  • Report directly to the Vice President for Administration and Government Relations at least monthly as to status of Mississippi College’s energy consumption.
  • Conduct regular “walk‑through” audits of all Mississippi College facilities to insure operating efficiency, optimum educational environment, and compliance with Mississippi College’s energy policy.
  • Take responsibility for the implementation of weekday, weekend, holiday, and summer shutdown checklists for every building in the Organization.
  • Implement night setback program for every building on weeknights, weekends, holidays and summer recess.

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