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Faculty and Staff members who want to participate will be given a recycling garbage can for individual office use. The recycle can is the same size as the trash can in your office. Please contact Tom Williams at if you would like to participate.

Recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard. All other trash items should be placed in the waste containers.

Clear liner bags will be provided for the recycle cans. When the recycling container is full, tie off the liner bag and take the small liner bags to the large recycle container in the hallway of your building. 

You may place recycle items directly into the large recycle container in the hallway. The large containers will have large clear liners.

Housekeeping personnel will empty the large containers each week and place these large bags on the curb in front of each building. These bags will be picked up and delivered to the recycle compactor on campus. Initially, Housekeeping personnel will place the large bags on the curb one day per week.

Housekeeping personnel will continue to empty the trash containers in your offices, but will not empty the recycle containers in your offices.

Faculty and Staff members should monitor the use of recycle containers in offices and hallways, making sure inappropriate items are not placed in the recycle containers.

Paper with student identification information should be shredded.

This is a volunteer program.

Items that should be placed in recycle cans:

  • Plastic (Please empty liquids from containers prior to recycling)
  • Paper (Print paper, newspapers, textbooks, paper bags)
  • Cardboard (Break down boxes prior to recycling)
  • Aluminum Cans (Please empty containers prior to recycling)

Items that should not be placed in recycle cans:

  • Food products
  • Paper wrappers with food products on them
  • Styrofoam products
  • Transparencies
  • Tissue paper
  • Glass