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Please direct any questions concerning Student Alerts to 601.925.7657 

What is the Student Alert System?

Mississippi College has adopted the practice of finding students early in the semester who may be exhibiting behaviors that could ultimately have a negative impact on their academic progress.

How to use the Alert System

What sort of “behaviors” might cause a professor to identify a student?

These behaviors are often called “red flag” behaviors. These behaviors include, but are not limited to, excessive absences, poor test grades, and lack of class participation or evidence of non-engagement

Why is it important for the college to use a system like this?

Identifying these behaviors early gives the instructor the opportunity to raise the “red flag” on behalf of a particular student so that the student can take the appropriate action to redirect his/her progress.  The system then alerts the student's academic advisor and the Office of Student Success, who can connect the student to the resources they need to improve and succeed.

How will a student know if a professor has a concern?

If a professor, or another faculty/staff member, has a concern, he/she will issue a student alert.  The student will receive an email notification and should contact his/her professor ASAP.  Alerts for academic concerns also generate an email to the student’s advisor and the Office of Student Success.

What should a student do if he/she receives an email identifying an area of concern?

First, a student should note that receiving this email is an indication that the student should act quickly to remedy the issue that triggered the alert.  It is meant to help a student recognize an area of concern and to encourage him/her to make some choices to improve the situation. A student should make an appointment ASAP to talk to his/her professor or his/her advisor to see what steps are necessary in order to remedy the situation.  Also, students can make full use of the Office of Student Success to set academic goals and connect to campus resources.