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Project Arrowhead

Mississippi College Administration of Justice/Homeland Security program is conducting research designed to identify baseline similarities among a specific category of subject, who has succumbed to radicalization and been convicted of a related offense. Arrowhead researchers will use a very specific interview instrument which is in the process of being scrutinized by FBI Behavioral Science personnel in order to assure effectiveness. Record responses, which will be analyzed and evaluated scientifically will identify commonalities in family, income level, education and cultural influences in addition to other areas. The end product will be provided to Homeland Security officials and used to develop intervention strategies to minimize or prevent instances of Islamic extremist radicalization. 

Key outcomes will identify the most common characteristics of individuals among the population who are most at risk for succumbing to the message of radicalization by Islamic extremist groups. Key outcomes will also identify the most likely avenues for intervention strategies, and the most appropriate intervention strategies for this group. 

Law Enforcement Related Intelligence Analysis

Students, working in the Center for Counterterrorism Studies facility will use the intelligence analysis and counterterrorism techniques, they’ve acquired in the classroom to conduct real-time law enforcement related intelligence analysis in partnership with local law enforcement agencies. In doing so, students will provide valuable predictive analysis to these agencies, in order to augment and improve their preemptive law enforcement services for the public. At the same time, students, working under supervision will hone the real-world counterterrorism skills they will use in their careers in Homeland Security and counterterrorism.