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Students may seek a Graduate Certificate in Loss Prevention/Security Management. Students must be admitted as a graduate student to the college. Students may complete the certificate by taking the following courses:

Requirement Class Name Hours
Required Loss Prevention/Security Management Core   12
AJU 405 Introduction to Loss Prevention  3
AJU 406 Executive Management in Loss Prevention 3
AJU 407 Private Security Law 3
AJU 543 Introduction to Physical Security 3
Electives Choose 3 from the following: 9
AJU 432 Special Issues 3
  Options include White Collar Crime, Kinesic Interview and Interrogation Techniques, Criminal Profiling, Intelligence Analysis, and Transportation Security.  AJU 432 may be repeated with a different topic each time.  
AJU 445 Domestic Terrorism 3
AJU 447 Cyber Terrorism 3
AJU 490 Internship 3 or 6
AJU 499 Directed Readings 3