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A student may minor in Homeland Security by completing 18 hours of Homeland Security courses. Administration of Justice majors may minor in Homeland Security. Those majors who wish to concentrate in Homeland Security should seek the B.S. in Administration of Justice with an Emphasis in Homeland Security. For a minor in Homeland Security, the student must complete the following:

Required two courses: (6 sem. hrs.)

Requirements   Hours
HLS 441 Introduction to Homeland Security 3
HLS 442 Introduction to Emergency Management 3

Choose from four courses from the following: (12 sem. hrs.)

Requirements   Hours
HLS 443 Introduction to Physical Security 3
HLS 444 Legal Aspects of Homeland Security 3
HLS 445 Domestic Terrorism 3
HLS 446 International Terrorism 3
HLS 447 Cyber Terrorism 3
HLS 448 Grant Writing for Homeland Security 3
AJU 432 Special Issues 3

Total: 18 sem. hrs.