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Department of Kinesiology

Applied Exercise Physiology, M.S.

MC's Master of Science in Applied Exercise Physiology provides a graduate level, science based program for students interested in careers in exercise rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Master of Science (M.S.) in Applied Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is the perfect advanced degree for students interested in careers in exercise rehabilitation and sports medicine

A Graduate Level Program Built Around Some of The Most Comprehensive Exercise Physiology Courses Available

Applied Exercise Physiology is a science based program at the graduate level for students interested in careers in exercise rehabilitation and sports medicine, or in pursuing terminal degrees in exercise physiology and related disciplines as well as higher-level administrative and supervisory positions in adult fitness and wellness. In addition, this degree prepares students for American College of Sports Medicine certifications in fitness and wellness.

Mississippi College employs dedicated faculty with real-world experience in the field who are passionate about kinesiology and who bring that theoretical, research and clinical experience to the classroom.

The Master of Science in Exercise Science is a 33-hour Master’s degree program designed to be completed over a two-year cycle. It includes the option of a practicum or thesis. Courses required to graduate include:

  • Research in Kinesiology
  • Advanced Exercise Physiology
  • Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology
  • Advanced Exercise Training
  • Advanced Sports Nutrition
  • Epidemiology of Hypokinetic Disease
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Exercise Science for Special Populations
  • Exercise Electrocardiography
  • Graduate Practicum in Exercise Science or Graduate Thesis in Exercise Science.

1. Meet all general requirements for admission to MC Graduate School.

2. Earned baccalaureate degree from accredited institution in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Physical Education, Biology or related fields.

3. GPA: 2.50 on all UG work or 3.0 on last 40 hours.

4. Standardized Tests: GRE (after 2011) Verbal 146, Quantitative 140.  Formula score (V = Q X GPA) > 715. Applicants with GPA > 3.75 are exempt from standardized test requirement. GRE REQUIREMENT IS WAIVED IF UNDERGRADUATE GPA IS 3.0 OR ABOVE.

5. Prerequisite courses: Human Anatomy and Physiology 3 hrs., Chemistry 3 hrs., Anatomical Kinesiology or Biomechanics 3 hrs., Exercise Physiology 3 hrs. 

Requirement Class Name Hours
Fall Semester I   9
KIN 6110 Research in Kinesiology 3
EXS 6111 Advanced Exercise Physiology 3
EXS 6240 Epidemiology 3
Spring Semester I   9
EXS 6120 Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology 3
EXS 6210 Advanced Sports Nutrition 3
EXS 6800 Exercise Science Seminar 3
Fall Semester II   9-12
EXS 6315 Clinical Exercise Physiology 3
EXS 6323 Exercise Science for Special Populations 3
EXS 6900/6950 Practicum or Thesis 3-6
Spring Semester II    6 
EXS 6315 Exercise Electrocardiography 
EXS 6130 Advanced Exercise Training 3
KIN 6999 Comprehensive Examination 0
Total Hours   33