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Majors & Degrees


At Mississippi College, our graduate-level history degrees emphasize close reading, clear writing and critical thinking about the past, and are a cornerstone of the liberal arts core curriculum at Mississippi College.

Earn your history degree

Without studying history, we are doomed to repeat it.

Our faculty is made up of accomplished teachers and productive scholars who are active in professional organizations and regularly attend and present at conferences. The members of the department have also published books, monographs and articles in addition to garnering several teaching awards.

The MC experience

Mississippi College understands that working adults are often juggling multiple responsibilities every day. Whether those responsibilities include a full-time job, children, school activities or other extracurricular activities, Mississippi College is dedicated to making education easier for you. That is why when you choose our school to earn your Master’s degree in Mississippi, our programs are offered in the evenings, and some courses provide online opportunities.

Choose your focus

Mississippi College offers a Master of Social Science in History and a Master of Arts in History. Each has specific admissions requirements and graduation metrics, which our admissions staff is eager to discuss with you. Whether you are passionate about uncovering and analyzing details from the past and choose to pursue your M.A. or want to examine how the culture and behaviors of yesterday influence the world as it is today with your M.S.S., Mississippi College has options for you.

All of the history courses in Mississippi College’s M.A. and M.S.S. programs are designed specifically to help you achieve your knowledge and career goals.