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Majors & Degrees

Political Science

Graduates with an interest in research and analysis can study political systems as well as political ideas, government policies, political trends and related issues.

Earn your political science degree

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in politics, history, political science or journalism and want to continue your education and further your career, consider earning your Master of Social Science in Political Science. What is political science? The discipline examines political institutions from social and economic perspectives, within different cultures and historical periods, and human behavioral patterns within politics. When you earn your graduate-level political science degree in Mississippi, you will build on your analytical and problem-solving skills and take your career to greater heights.

Choose your focus

By earning a Master of Social Science in Political Science through the department of history and political science, the student will become better acquainted with the history and progress of civilization, with the efforts of others to recreate humankind's past and with the principles and political philosophies of government. Their dedicated faculty uses their passion to develop the capacity for honest, critical inquiry in their students and to inspire the courage to put them into practice in the real world.

Careers Options

  • All levels of governments
  • Law
  • International business
  • Political journalism
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Education
  • Research – anything that makes use of the political science student’s analytical and communication skills and broad knowledge of political inner-workings

The MC experience

Mississippi College prides itself on instructing students from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate character, maturity, scholarship, leadership, church/community involvement and are committed to bringing integrity to the political profession.

Courses You'll Take

Graduate-level political science courses include:

  • Political theory
  • Comparative politics
  • International relations
  • Foreign policy