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Majors & Degrees


The Department of History and Political Science focuses on exploring history both as a subject and a discipline, approached through the lens of critical thinking. Students investigate the historical narratives of various regions and periods, tracing the influences of the past on our current times.

The MC Experience

The Department of History and Political Science at Mississippi College strives to inspire our students to greater intellectual curiosity and a stronger commitment to Christian and democratic ideals. Students explore the historical progress of civilization and the diverse philosophies of government. In so doing, they build their skills in critical thinking and their knowledge about the world we inhabit.

How You’ll Learn

History students connect their learning to the real world through field trips related to Mississippi history, the experiential learning course in geography at Heifer International, and internships with local and national businesses.

What You’ll Do

Participate in Phi Alpha Theta, the honor society dedicated to promoting the study of history. The organization works to encourage higher standards in research and teaching and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

Bachelor of Arts in History

Coursework includes 12 semester hours of core history courses, along with 21 semester hours of 300-level History electives or higher, and 12 semester hours of a foreign language.

Bachelor of Science in History

Coursework includes classes in American Constitutional Development and American National Government, along with the required history courses, and excludes the foreign language requirement.

Bachelor of Science in History – Education

History courses are supplemented with teacher education classes and teaching experience in local classrooms, leading to an educator’s license in History.

Bachelor of Science in History – Pre-Law

History courses are supplemented with coursework in law, legal research, legal writing, and more, fulfilling the requirements for future law school applicants.

Three-Three Law/History Program

Pre-law students with high test scores and excellent grades may enter the Three-Three Program, which positions qualified applicants for early admission to Mississippi College Law School. Coursework in government, constitutional development, law and legal research are included in the curriculum.

As a History major, you’ll take courses in topics such as:

  • History of Western Civilization
  • History of the World
  • History of the United States
  • Historical research and methodology
  • American constitutional development

Faculty members of the Department of History and Political Science are accomplished teachers, having received several prestigious teaching awards. They’re also productive scholars, remaining active in professional organizations, publishing historical writing, and research, and attending professional conferences to present research to their peers.

Future Career Paths

  • Researcher
  • Historian
  • Educator
  • Lawyer
  • Politician