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Majors & Degrees

Political Science

Political Science students will explore the foundations and philosophies of government, both in the U.S. and throughout world history. Coursework examines government at the local, state and federal level. Close reading, clear writing, and critical thinking are emphasized.

The MC Experience

The Department of History and Political Science at Mississippi College strives to inspire our students to greater intellectual curiosity and a stronger commitment to Christian and democratic ideals. Students explore the historical progress of civilization and the diverse philosophies of government. In so doing, they build their skills in critical thinking and their knowledge about the world we inhabit. Faculty members are accomplished teachers, having received several prestigious teaching awards. They’re also productive scholars, remaining active in professional organizations, publishing historical writing and research, and attending professional conferences to present research to their peers.

What You’ll Do

Participate in Pi Gamma Mu, the national honor society that seeks to improve scholarship in the social studies and achieve synthesis between its various disciplines.


Students have interned at the Heritage Foundation, Foreign Affairs Magazine, Office of the Governor of Mississippi, and the offices of other state and federal officials.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The B.A. degree is advised for students who plan to pursue graduate study in political science. 12 hours of a foreign language are required.

Bachelor of Science in Political Science

The B.S. degree is advised for students who plan to attend law school.

Three-Three Law/Political Science Program

Pre-law students with high test scores and excellent grades may enter the Three-Three Program, which positions qualified applicants for early admission to the Mississippi College School of Law. Coursework in government, constitutional development, law and legal research is included in the curriculum.

B.S.Ed. – Secondary Social Studies Education

Political Science courses are supplemented with teacher education classes and teaching experience in local classrooms, leading to a teaching license in Secondary Social Studies Education. Additional courses such as Mississippi History, Social Studies Methods and Principles of Geography add to a comprehensive knowledge base for the teacher in training.

As a Political Science major, you’ll take foundational courses such as:

  • Introduction to political science
  • History of political theory
  • State and local government
  • International relations
  • American constitutional development

The Department of History and Political Science offers a diverse selection of courses, ranging from paralegal studies to homeland security, giving students the option to build a comprehensive and varied knowledge base. Mock Trial classes simulate the courtroom, offering pre-law students an opportunity to experience what it’s like to practice law in a real-world setting. An annual field studies course enables students to visit sites with political significance and connect these places to the personalities and events that shaped history — a great way to contextualize what they have learned in the classroom.

Where You'll Go

Graduates of the Department of History and Political Science have been employed by:

  • The Hinds County DA Office
  • Mississippi Highway Patrol
  • Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance
  • Bellsouth
  • The State of Mississippi
  • The State of Tennessee
  • The Supreme Court of Georgia
  • US Army JAG Corps
  • The US Navy
  • Private law firms