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Writing Center

Staff Bios

The Writing Center is staffed primarily by qualified undergraduate and graduate students who have excelled in an extensive tutor preparation course and regularly participate in tutoring workshops.


Britney Bettis

  • Majors: Secondary English Education 
  • Dream Job: My dream job is to be an actress and a bestselling author.
  • Fun Fact: I have a twin who goes to MC as well, and people often get us confused.

Camden Clem

  • Major: English Literature; Minors: English Writing and Psychology
  • Dream Jobs: Professor of literature and creative writing; Poet
  • Fun Fact: My favorite paper I've ever written was on the intersection of Dungeons & Dragons and comic books.

Abby Duggar

  • Major: English Education; Minor: English Writing
  • Dream Job: College professor
  • Fun Fact: I was a youth intern at a church in Maryland this summer.

Emma Ellard

  • Major: English Writing
  • Dream job: Bestselling Novelist
  • Fun Fact: I was a puppeteer in high school!

Morgan Flemons

  • Major: English Education
  • Dream job: High school teacher & daycare owner
  • Fun Fact: I make daily vlogs, but I don't actually have a blog.

Mary Freeman

  • Major: English Literature; Minors: Studio Art; History
  • Dream Job: Children's book illustrator
  • Fun Fact:  I love to watch video essay analyses about my least favorite movies.

Maria Guay

  • Major: English Writing; Minors: Applied Humanities and Psychology
  • Dream Job: college professor
  • Fun Fact: I met Josh Groban!

Slade Haney

  • Major: Biology, Pre-Med; Minor: Psychology
  • Dream Job: Pediatric Oncologist
  • Fun Fact: I have concrete in my right leg.

Carson Jones

  • Major: General Biology
  • Dream Job: College Professor
  • Fun Fact: I've once been to three countries in one day!

Colburn Wyatt Jones

  • Major: English Writing; Minors: English Literature, Graphic Design, and Applied Humanities
  • Dream Job: I would love to be a professor and write fiction on the side, assuming my gambling career falls though.
  • Fun Fact: I once shoved my head through my mom's work laptop as a kid because I liked the colorful circle the screen made when I pressed on it.

Holly-Grace Kelly

  • Major: Political Science, Pre-Law
  • Dream Job: Lawyer
  • Fun Fact: It has always been my dream to study abroad.

Sophia Lang

  • Major: English Education
  • Dream Job: Novel Author
  • Fun Fact: I almost flew off a mountain while skiing in Austria.

Robyn (Cher) Marshall

  • Major: English Writing; Minor: Psychology
  • Dream Jobs: (Bestselling) author, Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher or High School Teacher
  • Fun Fact: Most people consider me to be petite but despite that, I have a huge appetite. 

Merrin Meyer

  • Major: English Literature 
  • Dream Job: Publisher
  • Fun Fact: I've been followed by the police on a boat in Venice!

Lindsey Newman

  • Majors: English Writing and Administration of Justice
  • Dream Jobs: My dream job would be owning my own daycare.
  • Fun Fact: I can say the alphabet backwards.

Reagan Palmer

  • Major: Biology, Pre-Med
  • Dream Job: Infectious Disease Researcher
  • Fun Facts: My mom has a personal letter and autographed picture from Elvis Presley, who she wrote to when she was 8 years old.

India Rice

  • Major: English Education
  • Dream Job: Director of Crisis Pregnancy Center
  • Fun Fact: I am a lifeguard.

Gracie Trivett

  • Major: English Education
  • Dream Jobs: College professor, marine biologist, and travel journalist
  • Fun Fact: I own ten different copies of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott!

Josie Whipp

  • Major: Administration of Justice; Minors: Pre-Law
  • Dream Job: Juvenile lawyer/legal advocate
  • Fun Fact: My real dream would be to own a library of rare and antique books.

Hannah Winston

  • Majors: Modern Languages and Christian Studies
  • Dream Job: Doing executive administration for a big church.
  • Fun Fact: I love cooking different international cuisines!


Madison Ely

  • Major: Biological Sciences (Pre-Dental); Minors: Biochemistry, Chemistry, Psychology 
  • Dream Job: Oral Surgeon 
  • Fun Fact: I’m very passionate about Buffalo Wild Wings!

Mary Hanks

  • Major: Computing and Information Systems; Minor: Spanish
  • Dream Job: Cyber Security for the FBI
  • Fun Fact: I have been to the March for Life in Washington DC 13 times!

Ava Mury

  • Major: Psychology; Minor: Administration of Justice
  • Dream Job: Forensic Psychologist
  • Fun Fact: I worked in a jail this summer!

Sydney Shaw

  • Majors: Psychology and English Writing
  • Dream job: Therapist/Writer
  • Fun Fact: I am obsessed with the kid's TV series, Bluey!

Kayce Stephan

  • Major: Psychology; Minor: Graphic Design
  • Dream Job: Mental Health Counselor
  • Fun Fact: I saw Taylor Swift in Nashville!