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  • Approximately four weeks after degree conferral, diplomas will be mailed to graduating students by Scrip-Safe, our diploma provider, and distributer. The address you provided for your diploma mailing address is the location where the diploma will be shipped. If your address has changed and if you have not reported this change to the Registrar’s Office, you must do so by the date grades are due or your diploma will be mailed to the address on file.
  • Since diplomas may be larger than a standard mailbox, please be prepared to pick up your diploma at the local post office if no one is available to accept the package, or there is not a suitable place for it to be delivered. You will receive a delivery notice in your mailbox informing you that you have a package for pick-up.
  • MC is pleased to offer to graduates an electronic copy of their diploma, known as eDiplomas. eDiplomas do not replace printed diplomas, rather they offer a readily available digital document allowing graduates to share the newly earned credential with any third party that would need official documentation of the graduate’s diploma from Mississippi College. The digital diploma does not replace the standard paper diploma. It cannot be printed and is intended for electronic distribution and validation only.