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When should I apply to graduate?

You should apply to graduate during the semester you plan to receive your degree. The academic calendar provides two dates: the priority deadline and the participation deadline. The priority deadline is a way to have your application reviewed in the fastest possible timeframe. The Registrar’s Office recommends that you apply by this deadline, as this will provide you additional time to make necessary adjustments to your schedule or degree plan. The participation deadline is the final deadline for declaring your intention to graduate and to participate in commencement activities.

How do I apply to graduate?

To apply to graduate, please log on to your MyMC homepage and select the icon labeled "Banner Web for Students." (This is on the right-hand side of the page in the "Quick Links" box; you may need to select "Manage Tiles" to make it appear). Once you have arrived on the Banner landing page, click the “Student Profile” link at the top of the page. Once you have arrived at your student profile, there will be a dark menu on the left-hand side of the page. The last link on this menu is entitled “Apply to Graduate.” Select the appropriate term and then select your curriculum. Then, select your intended graduation date and indicate whether or not you plan to attend the ceremony.  Enter your height and weight (collected for the ordering of caps and gowns) and then indicate how you would like your name to appear on your diploma. You will then select the address you would like your diploma to be mailed to. DO NOT select an MC campus box; select the place you will be living 3-4 weeks after graduation. Conclude by submitting the request.

If you received the message “No Curricula Available,” you have already applied to graduate and do not need to do so again. 

When will I hear back after applying to graduate?

You will receive an email from the Office of the Registrar to your MyMC email account within a few weeks of submitting your application. Please monitor your MyMC account regularly.

What happens if my degree requirements are not met?

Your first step should be to contact your advisor and discuss with them the shortfall(s) in your degree requirement. Your advisor is your best resource for registering for any additional classes, receiving course substitutions, etc.

I applied to graduate, but I realized I won’t finish my degree requirements in time. What should I do?

You need to contact the Registrar’s Office by emailing “” or by calling the office’s main line at 601-925-3210.

I got an email saying I was cleared to graduate. What now?

Continue to monitor your MyMC email account for updates. Unless you drop a class or fail to successfully complete a course for which you are presently registered, you do not need to worry about your status changing.

I want to get my cap and gown early to take graduation photos. Can I do that?

Unfortunately, Mississippi College does not keep graduation caps and gowns on hand, as our caps and gowns are kept by our graduates each year. We recommend that you reach out to a previous MC graduate to inquire about borrowing their regalia.

When can I pick up my cap and gown? Can I keep it after the ceremony is over?

Regalia pick-up happens in the Moody Adams Fieldhouse on the Wednesday and Thursday prior to graduation on Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM. If you cannot come during this time frame to pick up your regalia or if you would like to send someone to pick it up on your behalf, you will need to contact Missa Turman in Athletics by emailing You may keep all of your regalia after the ceremony is over, as the cost is covered by your graduation fee.

What ceremony do I graduate in?


You will graduate with the School of Business if your major is Accounting, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Finance, or Marketing.

You will graduate with the School of Mathematics and Science if your major is Biology, Biochemistry, Chemical Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Computing and Information Systems, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, or Mathematics Education.

You will graduate with the School of Christian Studies and the Arts if your major is Art Education, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Studio Art, Christian Studies, Communication, Interpersonal and Public Communication, Journalism, Mass Media, Political Communication, Public Relations, Sports Media, Instrumental Music, Music, or Worship Leadership.

You will graduate with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences if your major is English Education, English Literature, English Writing, Administration of Justice, History, Paralegal Studies, Political Science, Social Studies Education, Foreign Language and International Trade, French, International Studies, Language Writing and Linguistics, Modern Languages, Spanish, Sociology, or Social Work.

You will graduate with the School of Education if your major is Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Physical Education, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Physical Therapy, Sports Management, Sports Ministry, Psychology, Early Childhood Care and Development, or Elementary Education.

You will graduate with the School of Nursing if your major is Nursing. 

You will graduate with the School of Science and Mathematics and the School of Nursing if your major is Interdisciplinary Studies

 If you are graduating with a double degree or double major, you may be eligible to participate in two separate ceremonies. If you would like to do this, please contact “” 

Graduate Students:

You will graduate with the School of Christian Studies and the Arts if your major is Art, Art Education, Graphic Design, Visual Arts, Music Education, Music Performance, Healthcare Communication, Integrated Communication, or Strategic Communication.

You will graduate with the School of Mathematics and Science if your major is Biological Sciences, Biology Medical Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, or Physician Assistant Studies.

You will graduate with the School of Business if your major is Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, or Management Information Systems.

You will graduate with the School of Education if your major is Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, Professional Counseling, School Counseling, Dyslexia Therapy, Higher Education Administration, Applied Exercise Physiology, Athletic Administration, Business Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership, Elementary Education, Online Instruction and Design, STEM, Special Education, or Teaching Arts.

You will graduate with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences if your major is English, Liberal Studies, Administration of Justice, History, Paralegal Studies, Political Science, or Social Sciences.

You will graduate with the School of Nursing if your major is Clinical Nurse Leader.

You will graduate with the School of Mathematics and Science and the School of Nursing if your major is Health Services Administration.

Mississippi College does not distinguish between graduate and undergraduate graduation ceremonies. Both groups will graduate together. 

What should I wear to the degree ceremony underneath my cap and gown?

There is no official dress code for degree ceremonies; however, we do recommend that you wear comfortable, business casual clothing and that when selecting your footwear, you remain mindful of the steps going on to and off of the stage.

Do my loved ones need tickets to attend my degree ceremony? Is there a limit on guests that I can invite?

Tickets are not required for graduations at Mississippi College. Please invite as many people as you would like to celebrate your achievements.

What is the difference between the central graduation event and the degree ceremonies?

Weather permitting, the Central Graduation Event will take place on Thursday, May 2nd at 5:30 PM on the Quad. Participating students are expected to gether in Alumni Hall at 5:10 PM. The ceremony will include live music, special awards, the alumni charge, and remarks from our commencement speaker. Students will not regalia to this event, and degrees will not be awarded at this event. Individual students will not be recognized by name unless they are the recipient of a university award. At the conclusion of this event, students are welcome to join their academic department for a reception at 7 PM.

The degree ceremonies will take place at 10 AM, 1 PM, and 4 PM on Friday, May 3rd. At these ceremonies, students will be required to wear their regalia, and each participating student will be recognized by name as they cross the stage to receive their diploma cover from President Thompson.

Do I have to attend the celebration on the Quad on Thursday in order to attend my degree ceremony on Friday?

No, you may attend either, both, or neither of the ceremonies.

What qualifies me to receive Latin honors?

All students (including transfers) who have completed at least half of their coursework at Mississippi College (i.e., a minimum of 65 semester hours at MC, including AP, IB, CLEP, or credit-by-correspondence) will receive their degrees with special recognition in accordance with the following grade point averages:

3.500 - 3.699: cum laude

3.700 - 3.899: magna cum laude

3.900 - 4.00: summa cum laude

Mississippi College does not award Latin honors to students receiving graduate degrees.

What stoles and honor cords can I wear with my regalia?

Only those stoles and honors cords approved by the Mississippi College Graduation Sub-Committee can be worn outwardly at graduation. At this time, members of Alpha Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Mu Gamma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Chi Sigma Iota, and Mortar Board honor societies may wear honor cords at graduation. Athletes may also wear a stole provided by the Athletics Department, and veterans may wear a cord provided by the Office of Veteran Affairs. Members of Swannanoa, Laguna, Nenamoosha, and Kissimee Social Tribes may also wear cords if they meet their organization's criteria. If you have questions about which stoles and cords are allowed, please contact the faculty graduation marshal, currently Dr. David Miller (

How early should I arrive to my degree ceremony?

Check-in begins one hour prior to the start time of each scheduled degree ceremony. 

How long should I expect the ceremony to last?

Mississippi College graduations typically last roughly an hour. 

I forgot to apply to graduate and both deadlines have passed. What do I do now?

You may still receive your degree, but you will need to fill out a Late Application form on Banner ASAP. More information will be communicated with you via your MyMC email. 

My relatives are coming in from out of town. Where should they stay?

There are several hotels in Clinton, Mississippi, and many of them offer a rate to Mississippi College students and their families. The Holiday Inn Expressthe Fairfield Inn and Suitesthe Hilton Garden Inn, the Hampton Innthe Comfort Inn, and the Quality Inn are all within 5 miles of campus.

Where should we eat after graduation?

Great question! We polled a few members of our campus community:

Dr. David Miller, Graduation Marshal and Professor of EnglishBravo! 

Tanya Bradley, Coordinator of Degree CandidacyAmerigo in RidgelandAmerigo in Flowood

Megan Pritchett, RegistrarTable 100

Michael Wright, Acting Dean of Enrollment ServicesLou’s Full-Serv

Dr. Jonathan Randle, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social SciencesSaltinePig and PintBrent’s Drugs, and Walker’s Drive-In (While Dr. Randle’s suggestions may seem overwhelming, all of these restaurants are in the Fondren neighborhood near downtown Jackson)

Our President, Dr. Blake Thompson, insists that you can’t go wrong with barbecue, and there’s plenty to be had in the Metro area: Sonny’sPig and Pint, and Kenova Smokehouse.

How can I order a class ring?

Mississippi College class rings are reserved exclusively for alumni and students who have completed 54 credit hours in good standing with the university. Order your class ring so you will have it by the time you graduate. (Please call the Alumni Office at 601.925.3252 if you have any questions.)

How much are the graduation fees, and when are they due?

Undergraduate graduation fees are $117, and graduate graduation fees are $160. These fees must be paid to the Bursar's Office no later than the Tuesday prior to graduation. If you have any questions about payment, please contact the Bursar's Office by calling 601-925-3308 or by emailing

May I decorate my cap for graduation?

No, decorated caps are not permitted.