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Academic Appeals & Complaints

Students wishing to appeal an academic decision, such as a grade, should seek to resolve the matter informally by working directly with the faculty member and/or Dean of the School where the course is catalogued.  The appeal should be initiated within 30 days of the triggering event.  Students wishing to file a grievance or complaint against a faculty member or other academic administrator based on allegations of unfair treatment, discrimination, failure to follow policy, violations of law, etc., should attempt to resolve the matter informally with the faculty member or academic administrator.  If the student is unable to resolve the matter informally, the student may file a formal appeal or a formal complaint by using the Academic Appeal or Grievance Form.  The formal complaint should be filed no later than 30 days following the triggering event. 

Distance Learning & State Authorization

The US Department of Education requires that any institution offering distance education courses and programs to students outside of the institution’s home state must acquire authorization from the states in which those students reside. Authorization regulations vary from state to state.  Mississippi College has been approved by the Mississippi Commission on College Accreditation to participate in the National Council for State Authorization and Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA).  As a participating institution, Mississippi College is authorized to offer distance education courses and programs to residents of other SARA member states without seeking state-by-state approval.

Degree Programs

A full listing of degree programs available at Mississippi College can be found on the following pages:

Degree Program Improvement

Educational effectiveness at all levels of the university is determined through the assessment cycle.  Each academic unit develops goals/objectives related to its mission; these are, in turn, related to the university mission.  The goals and objectives are annually assessed based on stated criteria. If the criteria are not met, the academic unit puts into place strategies to improve.

Student Achievement

Mississippi College publishes statements of its goals for student achievement and the success of students in achieving these goals. These goals and outcomes are available on our Institutional Data website.

Teacher Preparation Program Report

Statistical information on the quality of Mississippi College's teacher preparation program can be found on the Mississippi Title II Report Card.

Transfer of Credit Policies and Articulation Agreements


Transfer students will receive an official transcript evaluation upon completion of the admissions process including submission of all official transcripts. Students may use the Transfer Evaluation System to get an idea of how their credits will transfer to Mississippi College. The Registrar's Office has the final word on official evaluations.


For graduate students, up to six hours of transfer credit may be accepted with the approval of the program advisor and the graduate dean.