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Transfer Information

Welcome to Mississippi College's transfer student page.  Below, you will find helpful information regarding the Admissions process, scholarship availability, and transfer credit equivalencies

We hope you will find the information below helpful during your transition to MC! 

MS Two Year College Transfer Guides

School of Business

School of Christian Studies & Arts

School of Education

School of Humanities & Social Sciences

School of Nursing

School of Science & Mathematics

Transfer Course Equivalencies

The equivalencies expressed within the "Transfer Course Equivalency" table below are for unofficial use only and in no way represent an exhaustive list of the transfer equivalencies available to transfer students at Mississippi College.  This list represents equivalencies that have been awarded to date; however, additional equivalencies are possible and can be determined by our transcript evaluators on a case-by-case basis once an official transcript has been provided during the Admissions process. 

Prospective transfer students should note that up to 65 hours of work can be accepted from a 2-year college. Additionally, transfer credits do NOT factor in to a student's institutional GPA at Mississippi College.

While transfer courses from institutions using a quarter system are shown here, four-hour quarter hour courses do not necessarily equate to a three-hour semester course.