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Department of English & Philosophy

#WordsWork Discover how reading with understanding, thinking with clarity, and writing with purpose empowers you to impact the world.

Forget All the English and Philosophy Degree Stereotypes.

Arrowhead Magazine DownloadAs a student in the Department of English and Philosophy, you won’t find yourself lost in the dingy corners of the library or buried under piles of books. Instead, you will develop the critical thinking needed to excel in today’s complex and ever-changing professions.

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MC’s Department of English and Philosophy improves students’ ability to articulate their own world view by tackling the great literary and philosophical conversations in a moderated forum structure where ideas are exchanged and debated freely among the class...The writing, comprehensive thinking, and ability to navigate high level concepts have allowed me to excel in a corporate job where I apply these skills daily to federal and municipal contracts.”
— Daniel Wood

Learn how words work

Students in this department explore a diverse selection of texts, including contemporary and classical literature, film and other multimodal genres, philosophical and nonfiction essays. With the guidance of MC’s faculty, you will cut through the noise and learn the discourses needed to communicate and convince so you can apply these principles to your own future. 

Make #WordsWork

You will, also, have practical opportunities to make words work when you intern with local businesses, non-profits, and publishers such as Ergon, In His Steps Ministries, Mississippi Magazine, MPB, and Quail Hollow Press. On campus, you could gain experience as a social media manager, join the staff of a student-produced literary arts magazine or serve as a tutor in the college writing center. Whether you end in the courtroom, the newsroom, the classroom or the boardroom, you will find that your words work in whatever comes next.

Find English and Philosophy Courses That Speak To You.

Featured English and Philosophy Degree Courses

Intro to Film

Study the elements of film that includes a brief survey of film history and the viewing and discussion of significant representative films.

Public and Professional Writing

Analysis of and practice in writing that serves professional goals, public interests, or both.

Christian Ethics

An introductory survey of methodological and conceptual issues central to the Christian ethical tradition, including sources and distinctive features.

English Major Students in Class at Mississippi College

Get The Student Perspective

What do students think about the department? Do the faculty live up to the hype? What’s the real story? We’re glad you asked! Find out what MC students really think by reading their take on our faculty.

English & Philosophy Senior Project Spotlight

The English & Philosophy Department at MC encourages students to consider deeply, think outside the box, and find their own voice. Take Camryn, a 2023 senior in English Education. She presents a critical discourse analysis on point of view and voice in Johnny Cash’s prison albums. The project asks: “What points of view does Johnny Cash employ or address through pronoun usage in his performances? What rhetorical devices establish the voice Cash uses to convey his or another’s point of view? What message(s) does Cash present through his rhetorical conveyance of identity?”