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The Applied Humanities Minor is for students from any major who want to learn to communicate professionally and effectively on the job and who want to explore employer-requested collaboration skills. It is designed to add a practical “human” side to any major.

Requirements Class Name Hours
English Core   15
ENG 101 (non-majors only, see below) English Composition 3
ENG 102 (non-majors only, see below) English Composition 3

ENG 452

Public and Professional Writing 3
ENG 470 Majors to Marketplace 3
ENG 493 Field Experience 3
Instead of ENG 101 and ENG 102, English majors who choose the Applied Humanities course may take any MLG, HIS, PLS, PHI, or 300-400 level ENG course. Students are reminded that credits earned toward a major cannot be applied toward a minor and vice versa.2. 6 Hours of Required Writing Courses or the Following English Writing Electives  
Communication Electives

3 semester hours chosen from the following:

COM 103 - Fundamentals of Digital Communication (recommended), COM 202 - Interpersonal Communication, COM 203 - Professional Communication Skills, COM 301 - Nonverbal Communication, COM 304 - Public Speaking, COM 305 - Argumentation, COM 360 - Social Media Communication, COM 401 - Team-Based Communication, COM 403 - Negotiation, COM 449 - Intercultural Communication, JOU 333 - Journalism I, JOU 454 - Public Relations Writing  

Total  Hours    18